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This New Watch from Bear Grylls and Luminox Is One You Can Feel Good About

It's difficult to become a professional survivalist these days — most of us are mere amateurs... But Bear Grylls has been defying the natural world (and his own mortality) for years now, and if there are two things we can say about him it's that he never gives up, and he has a vested interest in protecting the planet from the effects of global warming because his whole job is, you know, to survive on it. All this to say, it's not exactly a surprise that the first watch from Luminox's Bear Grylls Survival Eco Series is pretty damn indestructible. The Bear Grylls Survival Eco Series watch has a case, bezel and strap made from 100 percent recycled ocean plastic, so if un-destructible was a word, it'd be that too — at least as far as the planet is concerned. Click the link below to find out more.

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Looking for a New Chair? Here Are Over 90 Worth Buying

Armchairs, recliners, desk chairs, accent chairs, beach chairs, reading chairs and more.

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Ford Changes Its Mind, Agrees to Create the Bronco We Really Want

After claiming otherwise at first, Ford now says buyers can have the Sasquatch Package with the seven-speed manual.

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This Tour de France-Winning Secret Is a Lesson for All Cyclists
Tim de WaeleGetty Images

Why Tadej Pogačar ditched his cycling computer for a pivotal climb, a big risk that paid off huge.

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5 Things You Should Know About Driving a Vintage VW Bus in 2020
Tyler Duffy

What does driving a 1967 VW Microbus feel like nowadays? We spent 24 hours in one to find out.

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The 6 Leaf Blowers We'd Buy to Take on Fall's Biggest Jobs

Leave the rake inside and blow away pine needles, leaves and sawdust the easy way.

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Oris Is Supporting Mission Lake George, a Conservation Project in New York State
Allen Farmelo

The Swiss watchmaker partnered with Beyond the Dial and the Lake George Park Commission to monitor the growth of an invasive species.

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How to Customize Your iPhone with Widgets in iOS 14

iOS 14 brings widgets, a great productivity feature, to your iPhone's Home screen. Here's how to use them and customize your iPhone's Home screen.

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Looking for a New Commuter Bike? Just Get This

You won't find one more user-friendly, safe, stylish and affordable than the Priority Continuum Onyx.

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What's More Important for Better Sound: Music Quality or Hardware?
Schiit Audio

Headphones, amplifier/DAC and audio files are the three crucial links in the audio chain. But which is most important?

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We've Never Seen a Tactical Watch Strap Design Like This

The new Fidlock Watch Strap from San Francisco-based DSPTCH uses a buckle system and comes in 20mm and 22mm.

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It's Time You Start an Indoor Edible Garden. Start Here

Grow your own produce for a personal salad buffet.

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Robert W. Gore Changed the Outdoors Game 5 Decades Ago, and His Company Keeps Innovating to This Day

With the passing of an icon, we revisit a piece from last year about the next Generation of Gore-Tex Pro, which promises materials that are tougher, more breathable and stretchier than ever before.

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The 10 Things You Should Get from the New Uniqlo U Collection
Courtesy Uniqlo

(If you don't end up getting everything)

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Can Air Purifiers Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19?

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now says coronavirus's spread can be limited by air purifiers.

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The Best Workbenches and Supports for Your DIY Projects

Nine better ways to get the job done.

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The 10 Best Western Boots for Men

An American icon.

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Enter to Win the Perfect Vintage Land Cruiser, and You'll Help Children in Need

Donate to the GO Campaign and you could win one of Jonathan Ward's incredible Land Cruiser restorations.

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