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Step Up Your Boot Game by Stepping into These Blundstones
blundstone product note

Every time fall circles back around, we rediscover the practical perfection that is a pair of well-made chelsea boots — and no one makes them like Blundstone. The brand essentially invented the style, and we've hyped the product up so much since then that we deserve our own fandom — the Blundstans. To that end, just imagine how stoked we are about the 585 Chelsea Boot — a premium style based on the original (and immensely popular) 500 Boot with added comfort and shock-absorption. Made from premium water-resistant leather with a patented SPS Max Comfort System, removable comfort footbeds and a durable TPU outsole, this is a boot that will take you virtually anywhere and look damn good doing so — all you have to do is step in and you're ready to set out.

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How to Master Your Apple Watch's Activity Rings

No matter which Apple Watch you have, they all display your fitness data in pretty much the same way — with Activity Rings. Here's what they made and how to customize them so they better work for you.

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Stop Paying Way Too Much for Radwood-Era Cars
Bring a Trailer

Nostalgia for the 1980s and 1990s is fun. But people are paying ridiculous prices for old cars (that even aren't air-cooled Porsches).

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Ski Resorts Want You To Pack Your Own Snacks This Season, So Here Are Some of the Best
AscentXmediaGetty Images

Save money and stay energized with these healthy and delicious options.

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The 12 Best Sweatpants to Buy Now

Sweatpants are the best way to get comfy at home.

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The IBM Model F, First Made in 1981, Is Still the King of All Keyboards
Henry Phillips

The sight and sound of this '80s era keyboard will send you hurtling decades into the past.

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The 10 Cars Stolen Most Often in the United States

What types of vehicles do car thieves prefer? Apparently full-size pickups and durable compact and mid-size sedans.

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Design Nerds Will Go Gaga for This New Watch

Made in Scotland, the Paulin Neo is an awesome new automatic timepiece produced in partnership with anOrdain.

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This Insane Hypercar You've Never Heard of Just Shattered the Production Car Speed Record

The SSC Tuatara is the coolest car you've never heard of. Now it's the fastest car you've never heard of, too.

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Every MagSafe Accessory for the iPhone 12 (So Far)

We've rounded up all the best MagSafe accessories for the iPhone 12 that are available now.

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15 Winter Must-Haves to Prep Your Car (and Yourself)
BettmannGetty Images

Get your car ready to survive the cold months—whether you’ll be driving it or not.

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Chef Dave Chang Goes Wild for These $8 Knives. You Should Too
David Chang

If you're spending more than $10 on a paring knife, you're just scamming yourself.

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The Best Cheap Wall Adapters to Fast-Charge Your iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 will ship with a USB-C-to-Lightning charging cable and no wall adapter. Here are the best cheap wall adapters to fast-charge your new iPhone 12.

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A Titanium Case Makes This Wintery Dive Watch Ready for Anything

Shinola's Monster dive watch collection gets a premium new model in full titanium with an icy theme.

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The Next Toyota Land Cruiser Could Get an Extreme Ford Raptor-Like Version

We may not get the next Land Cruiser in the U.S....and this report suggests that could be a real shame.

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Three Affordable Alternatives to the Patek Philippe Calatrava

The Calatrava is perhaps the platonic ideal of the dress watch — but they ain't cheap. Here are a few watches with a similar look for much less scratch.

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What’s It Like to Design Your Own Bespoke Bentley Continental GT? We Found Out

Buying a Bentley Continental GT is like buying a fine suit.

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Sleeping in the Woods Is More Fun in a Tent Like This

Instagram is filled with photos of tents set up in stunning yet impractical locations.

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