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Get Backcountry's Latest Jacket For All Your Layering Needs

The key to staying warm isn’t simply about donning the chunkiest jacket you own. It’s about mastering a tried-and-true strategy: layering. Your layering essentials should be versatile and warm, but don't need to necessarily add bulk to your fit. Start off with a base layer to wick away sweat, wear a middle layer to retain body heat and then top it off with an outer layer to protect you from wind and rain. Now, those three steps might sound simple, but the truth is that layering is an art form. Pick the wrong mid-layer and you can feel super bulky, will barely be able to move and end up getting trapped in your own sweat. So to help conquer the season, Backcountry’s Hallet Insulated Hooded Jacket helps you with your layering needs. The jacket is a versatile mid-layer for active pursuits, providing synthetic insulation for warmth with low-bulk. Its exterior sports a water-repellent finish which helps you shed light dirt and moisture. What’s even better, is the face fabric and insulation are both recycled, making this an ideal addition to your closet this season.

The 12 Best Corduroy Pants of 2020
The Taylor Stitch Camp Pant, Photo: Taylor Stitch

Every corduroy pant worth considering right now, from the quintessential to the frivolous and everything in-between.

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What You Need to Get into Backcountry Skiing
Gear Patrol

The right gear ensures you have a blast and, frankly, live to ski another day.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying Apple's New MagSafe Charger

Apple just updated its support page to say that there might be are some disadvantages to the new MagSafe charger, too. Here's the gist.

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One of the Ford Bronco's Coolest Features Won't Make It to Production

One attention-grabbing feature from the Bronco launch won't be offered by Ford when it goes on sale.

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Integrated Amps Versus Active Speakers: Which Should You Choose?

Integrated amplifiers are the future of hi-fi, but so too are active speakers. Both have their pros and cons — which should you choose?

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The Best Beer in America Is Available at Your Grocery Store
Henry Phillips

Bell's Two Hearted Ale was voted the best beer in America, and you can buy it practically everywhere.

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The Best Gifts for Your Dad's Garage

Having trouble finding a gift for your father this year? Get him something to help him improve his garage.

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Meet the Tiniest Camper Van We Could Ever Imagine
Daon TNT

If you want to go camping but find a Kia Soul too big for your taste, we've found the ride for you.

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Anyone Who Bakes Needs This Chef-Approved $20 Staple

For all your pies, cakes and bread needs.

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Seiko's Ultra-Tough Pilot's Watch Looks Sleeker Than Ever in This Exotic Blue

The SNR049 is the latest in Seiko's Prospex LX line, with a titanium case and a striking new dial.

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BMW’s Coolest New Car Isn’t Coming to America
ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH + Co. KG

It’s stupidly quick. It’s coming after Mercedes and Audi.

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Is This Premium G-Shock the Perfect Balance Between a Casio and a Royal Oak?

The new G-Shock MTGB2000 offers the Japanese brand's latest tech combined with an undeniably popular look.

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Hurry, Under Armour's Wildly Popular Face Mask Is Back in Stock (For Now)
Under Armour

The brand's Sportsmask is currently available in a full range of colors.

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This Could Be Our Best Look Yet at the Next Nissan Frontier

Nissan is finally updating its ancient midsize truck, and these purported leaked photos show us what it may look like.

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