One of the Ford Bronco's Coolest Features Won't Make It to Production

One attention-grabbing feature from the Bronco launch won't be offered by Ford when it goes on sale.

new ford bronco

It may seem like years ago at this point, but it was only last July that Ford debuted the new Bronco. One of their main selling points for the Bronco was the vast array of accessories and personalization options available when you buy your new Bronco from the dealer. But it appears that one of the most attention-grabbing features from the initial launch won’t be available when the new vehicle enters production.

One of the showcase Broncos of the initial photographs was a two-door “Cyber Orange” model with the Sasquatch package. That vehicle boasted body-color cut-out “donut doors,” allowing additional open-air feel without removing the doors.

Subsequent appearances by what appears to be the same Bronco, however, have featured the standard factory doors instead. And now, Ford has confirmed to Ford Authority that those donut doors will not be making it to production.

new ford bronco

“That isn’t news,” Ford told Ford Authority in a statement. “We’ve always touted the Bronco two-door with the stylized doors as one of the ways we are looking at personalization opportunities. The same vehicle features a two-inch lift, custom wheels, and unique interior.”

Changes naturally occur from prototype to production. For instance, Ford made changes to the available roofs to streamline the process when the Bronco first launches. But the development with the donut doors may not be news in Ford's eyes, but it seems like it'll be just that to buyers who might be disappointed as a result. A natural inference from seeing those pictures before Ford began taking reservations, after all, was that Ford planned to offer the feature.

You can still remove the doors, however, and store them in the trunk of the four-door Bronco. And we doubt the absence of those specific cut-out doors would be the decisive factor for someone defecting to Jeep.

If you want to build out your dream Bronco without the donut doors, Ford's configurator is live.


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