This Off-Road Camper Van Is Made for Outdoor Adventurers

Need beds for four and room for mountain bikes in your 4x4 camper van? Doc Holiday's the van for the job.

off highway vans
Off Highway Vans

Off-road camper vans are a spectacular method of Getting Out There and making the most of The Great Outdoors. Instead of being forced to lug camping gear on your back, you can take most of the comforts of home — a bed, a shower, a kitchen, etc. — with you out beyond where the road ends.

But once you've managed to drive out to that beautiful remote're probably gonna want to do more than sit around and watch the sun move across the sky. If that's the case, then OHV's Doc Holiday camper van might be just the ticket.

Unlike many glamorous camper van builds, the Doc Holiday places a greater focus on utility than comfort. Still, take a second look, and you'll see the features that make it a solid campsite; there's a sink, an induction stove, a microwave and a small fridge between the first and second rows, as well as an outdoor shower and Dometic cartridge toilet for those basic bathroom needs.

Off Highway Vans

Come bedtime, however, the interior transforms to reveal not one but two beds, stacked on atop of the other. The second row of seats slides and shifts to become a 68” x 73" sleeping area, while a trio of aluminum/composite panels can be deployed above that to create a two-person bed. (Just be careful not to step on anyone in the lower bunk if you're climbing out of the upper one.)

Whether the beds are deployed or not, there's plenty of room for mountain bikes and other gear inside the van. A storage area at the rear has room for bicycles with their front wheels off, while the space near the kitchen can hold other outdoor adventure equipment. The build also includes a custom aluminum roof rack and ladder, so you can stash even more stuff on top.

Off Highway Vans

On the technical side, OHV takes the all-wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter base vehicle, lifts it two inches, and outfits it with Fox shocks and off-road wheels and tires. Electrical power is supplied by 400-Ah lithium batteries, which can be recharged by 400 watts of solar panels on the roof. An Espar Airtronic D2 Heater helps keep the inside toasty when needed, while a roof-mounted A/C does the opposite. A 15-gallon fresh water tank and a 5-gallon gray water one provide plenty of H2O.

If you're curious to know more, OHV goes into extensive detail on the Doc Holiday buildout on their website. Pricing starts at $68,900 plus the cost of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van.

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