This Off-Road Camper Van Is Practically a Rolling Ski Lodge

German camper van builder Flowcamper has unveiled the Casper, a hygge new ride for winter fun.

flowcamper van

Want to bring some ski lodge charm to your next roaming vacation? Flowcamper has just what you're looking for. The German camper van builder has just unveiled the Casper, which not only offers a flexible floor plan and off-road capability, but also makes excellent use of wood. Nordic spruce, in fact, if you want to get specific.

The Casper floor plan features a fixed, L-shaped kitchenette on the front driver's side. There are two child car seat-compatible rear seats that fold away; they can also be removed entirely to create gear storage for surfboards or other items.

The bed lays out over the interior, and can be raised at the head and foot to form a sofa. The Casper can be optioned with a fold-out roof that offers a sun terrace and an additional sleeping compartment. You can also opt for a roof rack and a great rooftop tent.

flowcamper van

You can mod the Casper out for some mild overlanding with all-wheel-drive, an upgraded off-road chassis and all-terrain tires. An off-the-grid package adds solar power and a 90-Ah lithium-ion battery pack.

Pricing is yet to be announced on the Flowcamper site. But according to New Atlas, the Flowcamper will cost a little under €53,000 — which converts to about $63,000 at the present exchange rate. The Casper build is also compatible with the Mercedes Vito, which is sold in America as the Metris. However, there do not appear to be plans to offer it in the U.S., at least so far. Fortunately, if you are looking for a great custom camper van build, there's no shortage of excellent domestic options.


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