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Forget the Tesla Cybertruck. This New Electric Pickup Is Even More Wild

Canoo has a fresh take on the electric pickup that is simultaneously weirder and cooler than Tesla's concept.

canoo truck

Just last December, California-based EV startup Canoo revealed its boxy commercial delivery van. Now, they've just announced another vehicle on their multi-purpose platform — and much to our delight, it's an awesome overlanding-ready pickup truck.

canoo truck

Canoo is calling it "the most cab forward and space-efficient" truck on the market, and the preliminary specs impress. Canoo's truck will come in both single- and dual-motor versions; the most capable will pack 600 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. The truck will be able to accommodate a 1,800-pound payload; the target range is north of 200 miles. It will be the same approximate height and width of a Ford F-150, but more than two feet shorter than the smallest version — and with a longer bed, to boot.

Whether you're looking for a work truck or an adventure truck, this Canoo should be one versatile craft. A pull-out extension can extend the bed to eight feet long, and the frunk features a fold-down work table and electrical outlets for tools. The bed has fold-down tables on either side, modular space dividers and a multi-accessory charge port. Buyers can fit the Canoo truck with a roof rack and a camper shell to hold a rooftop tent.

canoo truck frunk
canoo truck with camper shell

There's no word yet on pricing for the new truck, but Canoo says it will begin taking pre-orders in the second quarter of 2021. Deliveries for the Canoo truck could begin "as early as 2023," which suggests the truck is some way off from being finished.

Rivian went more traditional with the R1T, which looks more or less like an electric Tacoma and GM is building the Hummer EV into a genuine super-truck, but Tesla went avant-garde with the Cybertruck design. Canoo's truck could be a compelling middle ground that's novel and quirky and takes maximum advantage of the added functionality an EV offers...without going too over the top.


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