Rivian Plans to Add a Cool Feature Found on Jeeps and Broncos

Rivian is adding another awesome option to its pickup, but you'll have to wait a bit for it.

rivian r1t

There's just something about basking in the open air that goes ever-so-well with off-roaders. Removing the top and doors, after all, is a lynchpin of the Jeep Wrangler's appeal — and something Ford sought to emulate and improve on with the new Bronco.

We haven't seen it as much with pickup trucks, aside from Jeep's heavily Wrangler-based Gladiator. But that may be about to change with the turn to electric pickups. The Hummer EV SUT will feature removable roof panels. And it looks like Rivian plans to follow suit with its R1T pickup. As noted by CarBuzz, in the description of its panoramic roof, Rivian's R1T website now notes plans for a removable option, which the company says will be available in mid-2022.

There's no mention of how removing the roof will work — multiple panels, one presumes, given the size of the sapce — or how much the option will cost. That said, we suspect it will be popular. Open-air and the quietude of Rivian's EV powertrain sounds like a great combination for exploring a national park.

We've been eagerly waiting to drive the R1T pickup since Rivian unveiled it back in 2018. After pandemic-related delays, the new truck should finally hit the market very soon. R1T deliveries are scheduled to begin in June 2021. Rivian's three-row R1S SUV will follow in August 2021.

A removable roof will add to a growing list of cool options and features Rivian has added for the R1T, which includes (or may soon include) a pull-out electric camp kitchen, custom vinyl wraps and the ability to perform a tank turn.


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