Chevrolet Might Be About to Fix the Silverado's Biggest Problem

Reports say a refresh of the Silverado will make the changes customers want.

2020 chevrolet silverado custom trail boss

The Big Three pickup truck wars are, arguably, the automotive world’s most intense competitions. Full-size trucks are the best-selling American vehicles — and the most profitable. Ford just revamped the F-150 with impressive results; Ram earned rave reviews for the luxurious current-gen 1500 pickup. The odd truck out — despite being very well, sales-wise — is the Silverado. Sales were down 20% year over year in Q1 2021, even when most of the automotive industry was up double-digits.

The good news? The Silverado is due for a refresh. And according to reports, it should resolve the biggest critique or — really, critiques — of the current model.

Chevy went a bit unconventional with the Silverado's grille design last time around. One major issue: the Silverado’s thin, drooping side air intakes that sort of look like sideburns. . That looks set to change. A leaked Silverado drawing found by GM Authority shows a more conventional Silverado grille with squared-off air intakes below the headlights.

The Silverado's other major point for criticism is the interior, which doesn’t quite match the F-150 and Ram 1500. GM Authority expects the new Silverado to have an all-new, more luxurious and tech-forward cockpit — presumably, more like the ones found in the Suburban and Tahoe — that could eliminate things like the column shifter. It will be a surprise if the Silverado doesn’t get GM’s well-regarded Super Cruise technology, which has expanded beyond Cadillac to the new Bolt EV.

What’s less clear is when the refresh will arrive. The pandemic reportedly delayed the Silverado/Sierra refresh to the 2022 model year, and the current automotive microchip shortage that's causing havoc across the board could push the refresh back further still. The shortage forced GM’s truck division to sell certain Silverados and Sierras without active fuel management technology for 2021. A GM Authority report described the refresh timeline as “very fluid.”


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