Ford's Most Popular SUV, the Explorer, Is Adding an Electric Version

It could be a massive hit — if Ford gets the timing right.

ford delivers on promise to offer more rugged, off road capable suvs and trucks by introducing the new explorer timberline the first timberline series ford suv gives customers more capable off road features for memorable weekend adventures with family and friends

Ford recently revealed the F-150 Lightning, the brand's new all-electric version of its iconic F-150 pickup. But Ford's EV plans go well beyond that. At a financial presentation, Ford revealed that it wants to make 40 percent of its vehicle sales EVs by 2030. And the company made two key announcements that will bring them a long way toward meeting that target.

First, Ford confirmed that it is building an electric Explorer. The three-row midsize family SUV is Ford's most important non-F-Series vehicle; it outsold the Ranger, Bronco Sport and Mustang combined in the first quarter this year. An Explorer EV should be a similar play to the F-150 Lightning: sell EVs by just making the Ford cars people are already buying in electric form.

An Explorer EV, depending on the timing, could be a huge win for Ford. Three-row midsize family SUVs are trendy because they are practical for families. The only EV option similar to that is the Rivian R1S, which will be a more expensive vehicle. The other options in that segment are mostly powered by dated, inefficient V6s. The market is waiting for an EV that can also be a spacious family car.

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Ford noted that it is developing modular EV platforms. One will be compatible with rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive applications. Suggested applications include a "rugged SUV" (which looks a great deal like an electric Bronco), a smaller pickup truck and a cargo van. Another will be a full-size truck EV architecture that could underpin a future electric F-150. (The current F-150 Lightning, for what it's worth, is a modified version of the combustion F-150.)


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