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Tesla Might Have (Another) Wild Idea for the Cybertruck

It would make the Cybertruck even more distinctive-looking.


Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck back in December 2019, into what now feels like a different world. The Blade Runner homage of an electric truck was originally slated to arrive in late 2021; that said, though rumors suggested Tesla has still been tweaking the design and dimensions of the truck, and the company has officially (by Tesla standards) pushed production back to 2022 — a year where Tesla will also purportedly launch its new rocket-powered Roadster, build an electric Semi Truck and perhaps develop Level 5 autonomous driving.

Tesla engineers may be using the extra time to toy with some wild new ideas for the Cybertruck we haven't seen yet. Roadshow recently uncovered a Tesla patent application for more intricate automotive glasswork. The technique would allow Tesla to form feature lines in glass rather than the standard curve automakers use. Drawings provided by Tesla show the technique being used at the edge of the Cybertruck's windshield. They also depict the glass feature lines being used to form a glass dashboard on the interior — with the controversial yoke-style steering wheel.

tesla drawing
tesla drawing

Automakers patent all sorts of weird things. Ford patented a mobile circular conference room. Tesla itself has a patent for using lasers to clear debris off the windshield. So a patent on its own is no guarantee that a feature will make it to production. However, including feature lines for glass does feel like technology that could have a potential practical use — even if Tesla's safety record and particular history with automotive glass would leave one mildly terrified.


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