Honda's New Civic Si Might Be Here in Less Than 2 Months

Dealers are allegedly reporting the new performance Civic should hit showrooms by November.

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The realm of affordable performance cars may not be quite as rich with talent as it once was, but it still has a few standout performers. One of the best in recent years has been the Honda Civic Si — a happy Goldilocks pick between the regular Civic and the rip-roaring Civic Type R. And now, it seems we might be about to meet the next version sooner than we anticipated: as early as November.

The outgoing version of the Civic Si was put out to pasture with the rest of the tenth-generation Civic family when the new Civic arrived for the 2022 model year. But while Honda has made clear that there would be a new version of the Si (as well as a new Type R), the timeframe wasn't exactly clear. According to a post on the Civic 11 Forum, however, Honda dealerships in the U.S. are reportedly already confirming that the first examples of the 2022 Civic Si will reach owners between Halloween and the first of December.

If that seems a tad surprising to you, it could be because, well, Honda still hasn't unveiled the new Civic Si yet. We can make a pretty good guess as to what it'll be like, however: it'll likely look an awful lot like the regular Civic sedan wearing the Honda Performance Design body kit (as seen above); it'll likely carry over the same 1.5-liter turbo four as the past model, making around the same 205 horsepower (as the other 11th-gen Civics boast carryover powertrains); and it'll almost certainly boast a six-speed manual (as Si buyers would scream bloody murder if it only came with Honda's sole alternative, a CVT).

The biggest x-factor: what the 2022 Honda Civic Si will cost. The previous version started around $26,000, about two grand more than the Civic Sport hatchback. If Honda can keep the price close to that level, the new Civic Si should remain one of the best bang-for-your-buck cars on the market. Of course, we'll have to drive it a lot to be sure.


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