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This Cargo Box Is Ideal for Keeping All Your Winter Car Gear

Rather than leaving blankets and flashlights banging around, keep them in one safe place.

front runner wolf pack pro
Front Runner Outfitters

If you live in a part of the world where snow is a regular fact of life and sub-freezing temperatures a common occurrence a few months out of the year, driving around in the wintertime requires more preparation than puttering around at other times. From blankets, gloves, boots and hand warmers to rock salt, portable shovels, snow sweepers and road flares, being prepared when the weather is slippery enough to send cars off the road and cold enough to send tropical mammals like ourselves into hypothermic doom is damn important.

Of course, you also need to be able to find all those items when you need them. After all, if you're in a stressful situation — and being stuck in a disabled car in a blinding snowstorm certainly qualifies as stressful — the last thing you want to have to do is grope around in the black hole of your trunk or the Phantom Zone under your seats to find that flashlight you keep around.

So instead of caching your winter prep gear all around your ride the way a squirrel hides acorns for spring, stick it all in one place — something like Front Runner's Wolf Pack Pro gear box. These sturdy locking cargo containers are made to withstand the punishment of overlanding, so they'll be able to take whatever life throws at them when tucked in the back of your trunk. At 20" x 15.7" x 9.1", they're compact enough to go almost unnoticed when you don't need them, but still roomy enough to hold plenty of stuff. (And if you need more than one for all your gear, hey, they're stackable too.)

Wolf Pack Pro
Front Runner frontrunneroutfitters.com


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