Subaru Just Teased What Could Be Its Most Mind-Blowing Vehicle Yet

The STI performance brand is heading in a new direction.

subaru electric sti concept preview image

We know you're likely currently thinking about things like Christmas and New Year's, but the car world calendar never stops — which means we're already looking forward to the Tokyo Auto Salon that's happening in January 2022. Mitsubishi has teased some intriguing new performance brand offerings already, but they're not the only carmaker doing so. Subaru just announced four new STI-branded performance cars that they will bring to the show. And those new cars could highlight some exciting developments for vehicles heading to America.

STI E-RA Concept

Subaru describes this concept vaguely as "a new project launched with an aim of gaining experience and practice in new technologies in the world of motorsport which is making its way toward a carbon-neutral era." In other words: it will be an electric Subaru STI-branded vehicle, which is notable for a company that has been a laggard about getting hybrid models into production. We don't yet know where it resides on the continuum between a thought experiment and an imminent production model like the Solterra SUV.

subaru wrx concept

WRX S4 STI Performance Concept

We just drove the new WRX performance sedan; this concept teaser reveals the next-gen WRX front fascia with an STI logo, so we're guessing it should offer a preview of what the WRX's high-performance big brother will look like. Subaru says the WRX will show off a carbon rear spoiler, a performance muffler and customized STI performance parts.

Levorg STI Concept

Subaru does not sell the road-going Levorg wagon in America. We've heard it drives as well as you would imagine, but has no shot of arriving Stateside — because Americans don't buy wagons. This concept is a Levorg tarted up with STI performance parts.

Subaru BRZ STI Performance

This car — notably not labeled as a "concept "— is a BRZ with "cherry red decorations to express driving enjoyment" and STI performance parts. America already gets the BRZ. So this could be a look at some OEM accessories that Subaru could offer — if not an eventual STI version of the BRZ.


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