Airstream's New Electric Camping Trailer Is Even Cooler Than We First Thought

The eStream can help propel itself — and even park itself.

airstream estream electric camping trailer

Last month, Airstream unveiled their new eStream camping trailer concept. It is a revolutionary electric camping trailer with an integrated motor that can propel itself to reduce strain on the tow vehicle and maneuver itself in low-speed situations without the tow vehicle's involvement (no more awkward backing in). Now, Airstream has just announced some more details about the eStream, and it's even more incredible than we thought.

The eStream's 80-kWh battery pack has more than 30 times the capacity of existing lithium-ion batteries in Airstream trailers. It also has 900 watts of rooftop solar — which is operational both when parked and while driving — more than twice the capacity of a current trailer.

What can the eStream do with all of that power? Airstream says it can provide the experience of shore power without being plugged in. It can stay off the grid for up to two weeks. It can increase the tow vehicle's range by 50-75%. And — like the F-150's Pro Power Onboard — it can send power back out to your house or charge another electric vehicle.
The technology also will be scalable from 20 kWh to 80 kWh, allowing them to offer electric camping trailers at different price points.

Airstream also altered the eStream to reduce aerodynamic drag by 20% over a traditional trailer. The eStream has a smooth roof with the air conditioner tucked in the basement. It is also eight inches narrower while still offering enough space to sleep up to four with a rear bed and convertible dinette area.

When will you be able to buy an eStream? You won't, unfortunately. It's only a concept for now. Airstream says the eStream is a one-off and a "glimpse into the future." As always, achieving something technically and doing it cost-effectively to turn a profit are two different things.


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