The Ford Maverick Now Offers a Seriously Cool Pop-Top Camper

One easy step toward your ultimate Maverick overlander.

ford maverick with pop top camper

Ford launched the all-new Maverick small pickup last year. With its affordable price point, base hybrid powertrain and versatility, it was an easy pick to make our GP100 list. The immediate thought for many was how to convert the Maverick into a camper. And that's now way easier.

The Maverick isn't ideal for generic, one-size-fits-all truck add-ons. It has a 4.5-foot bed, shorter than a typical body-on-frame truck bed. However, as The Drive first spotted, Go Fast Campers just announced they are offering a version of their pop-top Platform Camper that is custom-tailored for the Maverick.

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The Maverick Camper is a precise fit for the 4.5-foot bed. It offers a low profile, adding just 6.5 inches to the vehicle height and only 255 pounds, well below the Maverick's 1,500-pound-plus payload. Go Fast Campers says the combination "does not appear to impair fuel economy." During our initial testing, the Maverick hybrid still averaged a fuel economy of 37 mpg while hauling a full pallet of mulch in the bed.

The Maverick Camper offers a 50 x 90-inch sleeping area. Gas struts provide easy setup and hold the pop-top in place during bad weather. The floor also offers reconfigurable panels that can reform the cabin into a bunk bed and provide room for a standing desk (or baby changing station).

Go Fast Campers says the Maverick Camper only costs $7,700, making it the market's most affordable new vehicle to camper option. Theoretically, you can pair the Maverick Camper with a base XL hybrid Maverick and still come out under $30,000. But even if you switch to the straight gas powertrain to get AWD and level up with the Fx4 package, you will still come out below the base price for most mid-size trucks and off-roaders (and already have a slick pop-top camper).

It has been hard to find a Maverick since the launch with production issues and heavy demand. But Ford plans to reopen Maverick ordering for the 2023 model year in September.


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