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Transform Your SUV or Van Into a Tiny Camper With This Inexpensive Box

For just a few thousand dollars, your car can turn into a handy way to get away from it all.

If you’re anything like us, you might be thinking, gee, this seems like a great time to get away from civilization for a while. (Camping, after all, is just another form of social distancing.) If you’re planning on sticking things out in the wild for a while, though, you might want something a little more substantial than a tent and sleeping bag. A camper van or camping trailer would be ideal…but those cost serious money that you might rather spend on toilet paper and bottled water.

Luckily, Czechia-based Egoé nest has the perfect compromise: the Nestbox, a simple, inexpensive box that turns all sorts of SUVs and vans into a basic, versatile camper.

The Nestbox comes in four different models, differently sized for different vehicles. The biggest is the Roamer, which comes packing a refrigerator, a cooking module and a fresh water supply as well as a folding 77″ x 59″ sleeping platform; sadly, it’s designed for a wide variety of vans found only in Europe. Same goes for the smaller Nestbox Hiker, which offers the same basic needs in a more compact package with a narrower bed.

The Nestbox Supertramp, on the other hand, is designed explicitly to turn a Land Rover LR4 into an ideal mini-camper, complete with folding mattress, sink, cooking module and fridge. The Camper model is smaller still, giving up the refrigerator for what the company cals a “cooling bag” and offering a bed just 39 inches wide; on the flip side, it’s designed to fit into a wide variety of crossovers and wagons, such as the Subaru Forester and Volvo XC60.

All four models can be purchased either as a bed/kitchen combo, or the two components can be picked up separately. And compared to buying even a used camper van, these come cheap; complete packages range from roughly $3,100 to $3,760.

Sadly, Egoé nest doesn’t seem to offer direct sales to U.S. customers (although Motor Trend said it reached out to the company about it). Still, considering how appealing car camping seems right about now…it’s probably worth reaching out to them right now. Never hurts to ask, right?

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