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This Sale Is a Rare Chance to Get a Benchmade Knife at a Discount

Quality steel comes at a price, but today it's a reduced one.

a pocket knife with the word benchmade over it

Years ago, in preparation for a four-month trip through South America, I decided the time had come to invest in a proper, quality pocket knife. The only trouble was I didn't know what that meant; only that I didn't want something too big or aggressively tactical. I found myself drawn to the simple drop-point folders I saw in shops' display cases, many of which had a butterfly etched onto their blades.

I didn't know that butterfly was Benchmade's logo, nor that it refers to the brand's origins as a producer of butterfly knives. But I soon found out these pocket knives didn't fit into my budget and settled on a $40 Gerber that got me through my trip handily.

Benchmade's allure remained, though, and it grew as I learned more about the company, the high-quality steels and handles it uses, and the exacting nature of its manufacturing. I did eventually get a Benchmade, and recently I enlisted the brand's custom shop to create the pocket knife of my dreams. But when I was combing through gear shops years ago, I would've been thankful for Huckberry's latest sale, which offers discounts on some of the brand's most beloved blades.

For one of the brand's classics, check out the Griptillian, and for a lightweight knife suitable for outdoor adventures, look to the Bugout. Then there's the sort-of-weird Aller, which features a tiny 1.6-inch sheepsfoot blade but has multi-tool functionality, including doubling as a money clip. All three are 15 percent off.


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