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Need a New Face Mask? These Popular Everlane Ones Are on Sale

You can choose between a set of three or a set of five, perfect for stashing for yourself or handing out to the fam.

everlane face masks

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Phone, keys, wallet, mask. This is the new checklist I go through in my mind before I leave the house. You'd think after eight months of wearing a mask it would be easier to remember to walk out the door with one on no matter what. Alas, it still slips my mind from time to time and I'm left turning around and heading back up to my apartment to grab my trusty face mask.

Since these have become a permanent part of our lives, at least for now, it is probably time to snag some more. We've done a deep dive into all the masks you can buy, and now one of our favorites is on sale — the Everlane 100% Human Face Mask. This mask comes in a set of three, allowing you to keep extras stashed in the house or in the car. Not only that, but Everlane donates 10 percent of each sale to the ACLU — so you can be sure that your purchase is doing some good.

The set of three is on sale for $9 (half off), which is a great deal for cloth masks. You can pick up this set of five at a discount, as well. It is a humble sale, but one that we can get behind.


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