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Modernize Your Workstation with Satechi's Back to School Sale

Wireless charging stands, desk mats and accessories to make WFH more bearable.


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As we start to spend more time working from home (again), we're taking a hard look at our workstations trying to figure out what could be better and what could be optimized. After finding a desk and the right desk chair, a few technological advancements can make all the difference. Right now, Satechi is helping you add these finishing touches by offering 20 percent off sitewide with code BK2SCHOOL20.

You can pick up this awesome two-in-one aluminum wireless charger that serves as the perfect perch for your phone and AirPods or a stand and hub that connects to your Mac mini. If you need something that charges more than two devices, you can get the Dock5, which charges up to five USB devices at once. Even if you don't need tech, you can protect your desk with an eco-leather desk mat. All in all, there are a ton of great products to upgrade your WFH setup.


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