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Get the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil for the Same Price As the 1st Gen on Amazon

The latest version of the Apple Pencil is only $99 on Amazon — the same price as the first gen.

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Often, the best Apple-compatible peripherals are those made by the brand itself. This is certainly the case with Apple's headphone lineup, but it also rings true for its award-winning iPad-compatible styluses. Whether for graphic design or note taking, the Apple Pencil is a great accessory to make the most of your tablet. Right now, you can pick up the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen for only $99 on Amazon thanks to a 23 percent discount from the retailer. (For reference, the 1st Gen version is also $99 on Amazon at full price.)

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

Apple amazon.com
$89.00 (31% off)

The obvious benefit to buying a stylus from Apple itself is that it will easily pair with your Apple devices and, in the case of the second gen, magnetically attach to your iPad. While both generations offer a slew of exceptional features — included, but not limited to at least 12 hours of battery, quick-charging and industry-leading sensor arrays (for detecting and adapting to things like pressure, angle, position, orientation, and more) — they do differ in a couple of significant ways. For instance, the second-generation Apple Pencil utilizes wireless charging, whereas the first gen requires a Lightning connection.

You'll want to check your iPad's compatibility before making your purchase — but quickly, before this sale ends.


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