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Looking for More Restorative Sleep? Save $100 on an Innovative Mattress from This Japanese Brand

Thanks to Airweave's proprietary airfiber, you can get a supportive night's rest without overheating.


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Finding a mattress that suits you is one of the more difficult tasks in life, which is a bummer because you're going to spend a third of your life laying on the thing. There are brands, however, that you can rely on to help you get a good night's rest. One of those brands is Airweave — which makes our Step Up pick for the best mattress upgrade. Right now you can save up to $100 on Airweave's mattresses and mattress toppers with code NEWYEAR100.

A super unique brand in the mattress space, Airweave uses a proprietary airfiber to fill its mattresses, as opposed to coils or foam. The fiber is basically a network of interwoven plastic that results in a mattress that is almost all air. The material helps you maintain good posture as you sleep and also limits movement at night, resulting in a better night's sleep. There have even been studies that prove sleeping on an Airweave provides more restorative rest than sleeping on memory foam. If you needed any more convincing, Airweave were the mattresses slept on by the US Olympic team in Rio in 2016. You may not be an Olympic athlete but you can sleep like one.


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