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This Discounted OBDII Scanner Is One of the Smartest Purchases a Car Owner Can Make

Modern cars are almost impossible to work on at home, but an OBDII scanner can help save you money and prevent trips to the mechanic.

obdii scanner

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Modern cars are getting to the point where it’s almost impossible to be a home mechanic. The ECU of the vehicle is integrated into nearly everything, which means an electrical or computer engineering degree and a deep understanding of the OEM’s software is often needed just to make sure you don’t turn your beloved set of wheels into a big paperweight. One way to fight back against the slow but steady take over of the machines: Put this discounted Foxwell OBDII scanner in your home garage arsenal.

The Foxwell OBDII scanner read and erases engine fault codes, accesses emissions readiness status and uses on-screen default engine code definitions from a built-in library. All this allows you quickly and clearly figure out exactly why your check engine light is on. Not only do you save a trip to the mechanic and the inevitable, inexplicably high service bill, but today you’ll also save $13 on the Foxwell OBDII scanner if you grab it now.

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