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These Amazon Kettlebells Will Save You a Fortune and Last a Lifetime

Upgrade your home gym and your workouts with these with very affordable fitness tools.

amazonbasics kettle bell

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Kettlebells are a lifetime purchase — once you buy them, they’ll likely outlast you and your workouts. They’re an alternative to those pricey gym memberships, considering you can upgrade your home gym with just one KB. Need somewhere to start? Try Amazon Basics’s 25-pounder, which was already remarkably affordable but is even more so with its current 13 percent discount. Too heavy? The 15- and 20-pound kettlebells are on sale for 13 percent off each (and the 35-pound and 40-pound weights are 12 and 23 percent off, too).

CrossFit has helped bolster kettlebells’ reputation as a must-have gym item and a dynamic alternative to dumbbells. They can be used to ramp up the results of rows, deadlifts and squats, and a properly executed kettlebell swing can increase strength, speed and explosiveness. All this from a hunk of iron with a handle attached. Amazon Basics makes its kettlebells from cast iron and coats them in enamel for a smooth feel and appearance. Given that kettlebells can cost as much as $200, it’s remarkable that this one is only $23.


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