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Here’s How to Get a Navy SEAL-Created Workout at Home (and on Sale)

Randy Hetrick was on Navy SEAL squadron commander when he created the first TRX suspension trainer, and today you can pick up a TRX for 20% off.

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Arrange it thoughtfully and outfit it appropriately, and your home gym can be an entirely capable alternative to a pricey gym membership. It doesn’t have to call for heavy, bulky (not to mention expensive) equipment, or newfangled contraptions built into mirrors or walls either. TRX’s Home2 System suspension trainer has exactly this type of functional minimalism in mind — a Navy SEAL squadron commander named Randy Hetrick invented it as a way to stay fit during deployment.

Home2 Suspension Training System

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Hetrick made his original version using a jiu-jitsu belt and parachute webbing, but the design has since been refined. The system can be set up virtually anywhere, and one size is suitable for upper body, lower body and core workouts all-in-one. It comes with a mesh bag for storage and travel and includes workout primers developed by professional trainers.

Despite its basic design, the TRX system adapts to various workouts and targeted exercises, just like a pricey as-seen-on-TV apparatus or overpriced smart home gym. But unlike that hulking machine, it can be bought for far less, especially right now. Today only (as the sale ends in just a few short hours), you can get 20 percent off everything at TRX, including its new dumbbells, resistance bands and the innovative fitness brand's entire catalog of suspension trainers and bundles.


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