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Everyone Who Owns a Cast-Iron Skillet Needs This $3 Accessory

Annoyed with the gunk that gets stuck to your cast-iron skillet whenever you cook anything? These are your saviors.

lodge pan scraper

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Every person who has ever bought a cast-iron skillet, used it once, then stowed it under the countertop for the rest of time does so for one reason: it’s annoying as hell to maintain. Seasoning is the first thing to complain about — why isn’t my skillet non-stick after one seasoning? Then, after you cook on it the first time, you’re left with a pan covered in bits of meat, potato and whatever else rooted firmly onto the pan. You can’t scrape it up with metal utensils or paper towels, so what do you do? You buy Lodge’s stupid-simple $3 plastic scrapers.

Lodge Pan Scraper Two-Pack


Best used while the pan is still warm, these accessories let you scrape up all the gunk from your cast-iron skillet without tearing up your hard-won seasoning. Normally a still-extremely-affordable $4, this two-pack from Lodge is just $3 at the moment on Amazon. If you're looking for a cart addition, you won't find a better $3 spent than this.


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