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Snag This Great Phone Mount for Your Car for Just $13 Right Now

The Vicseed car phone mount is a simple, easy-to-use way to avoid distracted driving, and right now, it’s on sale as part of Amazon Prime Day.


Using our phones while driving: We all know better, yet we all do it anyway. Distracted driving is the sort of bad behavior that everyone from law enforcement to driver’s ed instructors to our parents warn us against; piloting two-plus tons of metal and plastic at a mile a minute is the sort of task that demands your full attention, not something to do with the back of your brain while the front part is preoccupied with an infinite scroll of cute dog pictures.

Well, we can’t force your friends to stop posting pics of their adorable puppies on Instagram, but we can point you in the direction of a Prime Day deal designed to integrate the cell phone into your driving a little more safely. Right now, the Vicseed car phone mount can be yours for just $13 on Amazon (or a dollar or so more, if you want the silver one instead of the black model).

By clipping to your car’s dashboard air vents, it gives you a convenient place to slot your iPhone or Android device (really, any cell phone with a screen between 4.5 and 6.5 inches) that places it directly in your eyeline and leaves your hands free to steer and shift. Its sliding design means there are clamping arms to snap onto your phone every time; set it once to the size of your phone, and you can slide it in and out seamlessly every time afterwards. A rotating joint lets you adjust it to the viewing angle you want. And four points of support mean it’ll stay steady even if you’re cutting up a racetrack in a 592-horsepower Jaguar.

Buy Now: $17 $13

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