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Do You Have Bad Wi-Fi in One Room? Here’s How to Solve It for Cheap

TP-Link Wi-Fi Extenders are some of the best and most affordable Wi-Fi extenders you can buy. Right now they're on sale at Amazon.

tplink wifi extender

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Are you suffering from poor Wi-Fi in one area of your home? A Wi-Fi extender is a quick and affordable fix for just that. TP-Link Wi-Fi Extenders, for example, plug into your wall and bolster the Wi-Fi signal in an area that’s too far away from your home’s central router. You can set them up yourself in a matter of minutes, and they're compatible with any Wi-Fi router. Right now, Amazon has discounted a few different models from TP-Link.

TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Extender

In general, a Wi-Fi extender is a great one-stop solution for solving Wi-Fi issues in one area of your home. However, if you’re living in a larger house and you’re looking to solve multiple areas of poor Wi-Fi, we’d recommend investing in a mesh Wi-Fi system, such as Nest Wifi or eero. These systems are a little more expensive, but they’re simple to use and very scalable. Plus they come with way more features, such as parental modes, voice control and device monitoring, that aren’t common in traditional router Wi-Fi systems.


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