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Dick's Sporting Goods Is Making It Easier Than Ever to Get Into Peloton

The sporting goods giant now offers the entire Peloton lineup of home gym equipment as well as a handful of helpful accessories.

peloton bike plus

When Peloton made its way to Amazon this past August, it was a giant shift from the brand's traditional direct-to-consumer strategy. Now, Peloton has cast that net a little further in an effort to reach a wider audience, as you can now purchase your favorite home fitness equipment at one of the nation's most popular sporting goods retailers, Dick's Sporting Goods.

The partnership marks the first time you can purchase select Peloton items in-store outside of the brand's namesake brick-and-mortars. So, to help you rack up those Scorecard points this holiday season, here's everything you need to know about the latest opportunity to purchase Peloton products.

Which Peloton Products are Available at Dick's Sporting Goods?

While Peloton dabbled in third-party retail earlier this year, the offerings were limited to just a few equipment choices and a handful of accessories. The new relationship with Dick's Sporting Goods takes a different approach, covering the entire gambit of Peloton home fitness equipment and only two accessory items. You can purchase the Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread and Guide through Dick's Sporting Goods' site, as well as Peloton Cycling Shoes and Bike Mats for a well-rounded purchasing experience.

According to Dick's Sporting Goods, only the Peloton Bike, Guide and accessories are available in-store, but you can still get hands-on with the devices before buying. Dick's is offering a "Try Before You Buy" program, allowing you to test out the Peloton Bike, Bike+ or Tread for yourself prior to purchase at select stores nationwide.

peloton treadmill
You can now order the Peloton Tread from Dick's Sporting Goods, marking the first time this treadmill option is available outside of the brand’s direct-to-consumer model.

How Does the Dick's Peloton Shop Differ from Amazon?

Having multiple outlets to purchase your favorite Peloton products can be great for consumers, but the two shops do offer different shopping experiences. While the Amazon shop offers up the convenience of comparing the Peloton Bike to other indoor cycling machines, the lineup is limited to just the Bike, Guide and accessories. Also, when shopping on Amazon, you're unable to feel the product or get a look at just how much floorspace you'll need to sacrifice.

The Dick's shop, on the other hand, focuses more on the equipment and can be a good way to physically see the Peloton equipment before making a decision. While there's less of an accessory assortment, you'd probably be more inclined to make a quick purchase on those, anyway, where larger fitness gear takes a little more research.

The note that both third-party retail shops share, however, is a lack of bundled deals. At this time, if you're looking to add a bike mat, cycling shoes and more accessories to your initial equipment purchase, the more cost-efficient option still lies within the direct-to-consumer site.

How to Buy Peloton Products at Dick's Sporting Goods

Peloton's home fitness equipment, cycling shoes and bike mat are available online and in select Dick's Sporting Goods stores now. Additionally, the companion Peloton App is also available free for 60 days to new members purchasing their Peloton equipment through Dick's Sporting Goods. After the trial period, membership returns to its normal $12.99/month rate.

Could this be the move that takes Peloton back to the top of the home fitness market? Only time will tell, but for many of us pondering over whether to join the craze, this Dick's partnership makes said decision a little bit easier.



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