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Should You Buy Peloton Products on Amazon?

Peloton has come to Amazon. Here's what you should know before you buy anything.

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In an effort to expand its reach in the at-home fitness market, Peloton announced this week that you can now purchase select equipment, apparel and accessories from Amazon. This move marks a shift in Peloton's direct-to-consumer model, as this is the first time the brand has sold product outside of its own site, stores and sales channels. Here's what to know about buying Peloton gear from Amazon.

Are the Peloton machines on Amazon real?

Yes. Peloton didn't used to be on Amazon, but now you can purchase the Original Peloton Bike and Set-Top Peloton Guide there. It's legit.

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But not all of Peloton's machines are available through Amazon. At the time of this reporting, the Peloton Bike+ and Tread (and soon-to-be-released Rower) are still only available via Peloton's e-commerce site.

A handful of Peloton accessories are also available on Amazon, including cycling shoes, bike mats, light weights, dumbbells and more. Peloton is also selling an assortment of apparel options through Amazon, such as branded sports bras, tanks, shorts, joggers and hats.

Peloton could look to expand its Amazon assortment down the road — especially if the rumors of Amazon buying Peloton outright come to fruition — but for now, you're still only able to view the brand's full lineup on its own site.

For now, there's no price difference either, and both platforms offer free shipping on select subtotals, keeping buying experiences fairly similar.

Do Peloton machines on Amazon have a warranty?

Yes. Regardless of where you purchase your Original Bike, Guide or accessories, you'll still receive the 12-month limited warranty. It's unclear whether the five-year frame coverage is included with Bike purchases through Amazon, like it is through Peloton, but everything else seems to be the same. Also, both Amazon and Peloton purchases include a 30-day return policy, in case you find the services unfit for your at-home fitness regimen.

In terms of customer service, purchasing Peloton products through Amazon will grant you two teams for support. Peloton’s support team will manage ongoing requests related to repairs, maintenance, subscriptions and general inquiries, while Amazon’s service department will assist with product purchases, delivery, installation and returns.

What are the advantages of buying a Peloton machine through Amazon?

Convenience, mostly. For one, you're still viewing trusted Peloton products, albeit in a limited assortment. The subscription service — the main benefit of choosing Peloton — is also unchanged, offering a wide variety of live and on-demand workouts, regardless of where your fitness equipment came from. Plus, while Amazon Peloton purchases are available for self-assembly, a majority of the United States still has the option of add-on expert assembly at no additional charge.

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Another perk of potentially purchasing Peloton devices through Amazon is that it's now easier to compare exercise bikes, and thus, easier to not purchase a Peloton. Many of the brand's competitors, like NordicTrack and Bowflex, also operate Amazon stores, so you can now view multiple models on one domain without having a plethora of tabs open at once.

What are the disadvantages of buying Peloton machines through Amazon?

Selection and package deals. Amazon doesn't have the full suite of Peloton products, nor can you do One Peloton Club rental services through Amazon. Only full purchases are available via the A–Z e-retailer, so you're more locked into the device once the 30-day return window passes.

Additionally, purchasing a Bike or Guide through Peloton's site allows for bundled deals that include a handful of accessories at a lower cost. At this time, these bundles aren't available through the Amazon store, so if you're looking to add some cycling shoes, a bike mat and other gear to your order, the more cost-efficient option is still the brand's site.

Lastly, Peloton's all-access membership is still controlled in-house, meaning you'll still need to download and sign up for the companion app to unlock the full lineup of Peloton's offerings.

The all-new Amazon store could be a good move for Peloton as the brand tries to grow its audience, and let's face it, the convenience of shopping for items on one of the largest e-retailers does make investing in the at-home equipment easier. If you've been pondering about the service for a while and know exactly what you need, you're good with either online shopping option. If you're still up in the air about which bike to get, however, or want to browse the full Peloton stable, it's best to go directly to the source.


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