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The $1 Coffee Cup That Changed My Morning Routine

How a disposable paper cup simplified my mornings, saved me money and taught me to relish the quiet hours with family.

Henry Phillips

I drink a lot of coffee, so much so that some might argue that there are some health-related risks to my caffeine intake. But let’s table that conversation for another day. Right now I’d like to talk to you about a $1.22 disposable coffee cup that’s made my morning.

I’ve run the morning coffee routine gauntlet, ranging from a grab-and-go Dunkin’ Donuts brew to that carefully pulled Americano sluiced into a titanium Snow Peak travel mug. But earlier this winter my wife and I stumbled into something rather innocuous, but strangely appealing: the Genuine Joe insulated ripple to-go cup.

It’s basically your garden-variety upmarket white paper cup with a built-in insulator, formed at an angle like a Ruffles potato chip. If you’ll allow me, the handfeel is outstanding. After a couple of weeks using the cup, which of course requires one to brew coffee at home, I found my morning routine galvanized. It turns out that this one-buck cup, readily available on Amazon, inspired me to rethink my morning, simplify, and relish the quiet hours with family.

The humble little cup has saved me a daily visit to buy overpriced Brooklyn coffee — here’s looking at you, Konditori — and I forego the daily shit show at my local bodega, where everyone seems to think that queueing is not just optional but rather discouraged. Using the cup has also given me a new appreciation for my modest Bonavita BV1900TS; I can listen to the soothing sounds of percolation while I play with the kid.

You can get the Genuine Joe on Amazon as an add-on item. At nearly 350 reviews, I’ll allow the testimonials of my peers serve as judge and jury. It’s silly that I’ve spent this much time casting praise on a single paper cup — but if something so insanely cheap is a catalyst for more family time and simplicity, then that’s plenty enough reason for me. An unexpected endorsement indeed.

p.s. Rest assured these cups end up in the recycling bin after a full day’s use.

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