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Burrow Made a Desk, and 5 Other New Home Releases

Chill on your Burrow sofa then crank out some work on the Burrow desk.

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Every week, we lust over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: an heirloom-worthy throw blanket, the best instant noodles we've ever tried and more.

Burrow Pilot Desks

burrow pilot desk

Burrow has all of its bases covered. The brand started with sofas, the ultimate furniture for lounging, and now it's pivoted to desks, for when you're on that WFH grind. The Pilot desk series, which includes a traditional desk ($795) and standing desk ($1,295), are crafted from solid ash, and they're as simple as they are beautiful. The desks have a hidden monitor arm mount, as well as cord storage and a roomy drawer for your miscellaneous desk accessories. Desks ship for free, and they're expected to go out in March 2022.

Price: $795


Tilit x Tom Colicchio

tilit x tom colicchio apron

Popular apron brand Tilit tapped celebrity chef Tom Colicchio for a collaboration apron that, despite being clean and sleek, will look a hell of a lot better dirtied up from hours spent cooking in the kitchen. The aprons are crafted from 10-ounce organic cotton, and they're available in sage green, fresh white and cloud blue, with the option for custom embroidery. The zippered chest pocket can store whatever kitchen gadgets you need, and because it's water resistant, you don't have to worry about spilling soup all over yourself. For every sale of a Tom Colicchio apron, Tilit will donate $10 to Edible School Yard NYC, which teaches children in New York City about healthy eating and living.

Price: $115


Brooklinen x Pendleton Paths Blanket

brooklinen x pendleton paths blanket

Brooklinen has some new throws in its store, and one of them is courtesy of Pendleton. The Paths blanket is made of wool and cotton, adorned in a bold print that Pendleton is known for. Like anything from Pendleton (or Brooklinen for that matter), this could definitely be your next family heirloom. And for some non-Pendleton throws, Brooklinen also released the Color Field Wool Throw Blanket ($199) and Honeycomb Wool Throw Blanket ($249) for those cool fall nights up ahead.

Price: $389


Momofuku Noodles

momofuku noodles

If you've ever eaten (or lived off of) Cup Noodles, you have to thank Momofuku Ando for their existence. Celebrity chef David Chang named his entire food empire, Momofuku, after the inventor, and now Chang has entered the instant noodle world himself with Momofuku Noodles. The flavors — soy and scallion, spicy soy and tingly chili — are Chang-approved, and taste like something you'd find at a Momofuku restaurant. And it helps that the noodle quality is exceptional, too. The noodles are air dried, as opposed to fried — the most common way instant noodles are preserved – or frozen, and they contain zero preservatives or artificial flavoring. Momofuku worked with the brand A-Sha to formulate the noodle recipe, which is just wheat, salt and water, resulting in 25 percent fewer calories than other instant noodles, as well as 10 grams of protein. Each serving costs a little over $2, which isn't that much more than something like Cup Noodle, but Momofuku's is out of stock right now so you'll have to wait for a restock.


      Oxo Aluminum Dish Racks

      oxo aluminum dish racks

      Leave it to Oxo to make some new excellent dish racks. Its two latest — one for dishes, the other for bottles — are both made of aluminum, which will hold up against rust. The dish rack is collapsible, perfect for small kitchens, and the bottle drying rack will give you more of a reason to clean your reusable bottles more often.

      Price (Bottle Drying Rack): $20 | Price (Dish Drying Rack): $40


      Palace x Stella Artois

      palace artois
      Palace Artois

      Streetwear brand Palace teamed up with Stella Artois for the second time this year on a special collection of clothing and home goods. A couple standouts include a co-branded chalice, as well as a tote bag built to hold a few cans of the Palace Artois beers. Shop quickly before it all sells out like the first drop.


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