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The Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle Gets a Makeover, and 7 Other New Home Releases

It's green, and the colorway is called "broccoli."

window shopping kettle, plant, and fruit bongs

Every week, we lust over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: matzo ball soup from Carnegie Deli, fruit pipes (to smoke out of) and more.

Great Fellow Kettle

Anna Meyer

Millennial direct-to-consumer cookware brand Great Jones and coffee accessories brand Fellow have teamed up to become Great Fellow. It's not an actual new brand, but it is the name of Great Jones' take on the ever-popular Fellow Stagg EKG kettle, our Just Get This pick for an electric kettle. The kettle comes decked out in a green (dubbed broccoli) colorway, while the power button/temperature dial comes is yellow (or mustard). Get this if Fellow's kettle in black just wasn't to your liking.

Price: $160


Lichen x Craighill Cloud Planter

Sean Davidson

Two Brooklyn-based design brands have partnered on a new planter that'll have you looking for a new plant to put in it. Lichen, a vintage furniture store, and Craighill, a design company, recently announced the release of the Cloud Planter, a planter made of cork. Craighill has a valet tray made of cork, and the material was the object of affection by many who would stop by Lichen and admire the cork mat it used at its coffee-serving station. The two brands coming together made just as much sense as plants and soil. The Cloud Planter is lined with a waterproof resin, so water won't seep through during waterings, and it'll draw just as much attention as the Swiss cheese-like leaves of your favorite monstera.

Price: $48


Piecework x Great Jones Piece of Cake Puzzle

piecework puzzle

Remember when jigsaw puzzles were super popular at the start of the pandemic? They were so popular that it was almost impossible to find one. Now they're more readily available, and Piecework is one puzzle brand you should know. It latest puzzle was made in collaboration with Great Jones (they're getting busy with the collabs this week), and it's of a drool-worthy selection of baked goods using the cookware brand's bakeware. It's a 1000-piece puzzle, which should keep you busy for some time, and it's one you'll want to put together over and over again.

Price: $38


Bloomscape Pink Collection

woman gifting a plant to an older lady

Throughout October, Bloomscape will be working with Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit, a support group that helps people with cancer, on the new Pink Collection. The collection comprises a bunch of pink plants, and for every one sold, the brand will donate a plant to someone affected by cancer.


Woodford Reserve x Jacques Torres Chocolate Bonbons

jacques pepin foundation 12pc bonbons

For those who like bourbon and chocolate, this new collaborative effort between Woodford Reserve and Jacques Torres Chocolate has your name on it. The two brands worked together on some new bonbons, which are made with 60 percent dark Belgian chocolate and Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon that are as indulgent as you could imagine. And these bonbons are more than just a sweet treat. The partnership is also with the Jacques Pépin Foundation, which offers life skills and culinary classes to adults with high barriers of unemployment. A portion of the proceeds from each purchase of bonbons will go directly to the foundation, and if you order directly from the foundation's website ($65), you'll also get a membership to the JPF at the Commis level, which gives access to exclusive recipes and cooking videos.

Price: $27


Omsom x Instant Pot Sampler

omsom hotpot

Own an Instant Pot? You'll want this new sampler pack of Omsom cooking sauces. We love Omsom for its delicious pre-made sauce packets that make cooking Asian food a breeze, and with its sauces made specifically for the Instant Pot, getting a home-cooked meal is even easier. The sampler includes six of Omsom's top-selling sauces, as well as six recipes that are designed to be cooked in your Instant Pot or air fryer.

Price: $29


Carnegie Deli & The Matzo Project Matzo Ball Soup Kit

carnegie deli x the matzo project better than bubbe's matzo ball soup kit

Not everyone can have the pleasure of eating at Carnegie Deli, but you can get a piece of Carnegie Deli at home with its latest matzo ball soup kit. Made with The Matzo Project, the kit inccudes 64 ounces of Carnegie Deli;s Homestyle Chicken Soup (for about eight servings), four bags of Matzo Project Sea Salted Matzo Chips and a box of Matzo Project's Matzo Crumb. "When you can’t send a hug, our matzo ball soup is the next best thing," Sarri Harper, CEO of Carnegie Deli Group, says in a press release. "Matzo ball soup is perfect for cold winter nights, a must-have for the holidays and the ultimate comfort food. They don’t call it Jewish penicillin for nothing."

Price: $80


Flower by Edie Parker Fruit Pipes

fruit bongs
Audrey Melton
woman smoking from fruit bong
Audrey Melton

Flower by Edie Parker is a smoking accessory with some pretty quirky products. How quirky? Just look at it new fruit pipes — four glass smoking pipes designed to look like fruit, specifically an orange, banana, cherry and grape. Laid out on the table they look like nothing more than home decor, but when the time strikes to take a hit, they'll be there for you.

Price: $95+


Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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