This New Shower Attachment Is Meant to Spice Up Your Love Life — And Save Water

Forget the tandem bikes, because the Tandem Shower will let you take a better shower with your partner.

tandem shower

A new Kickstarter project wants you to take shower with your partner. Well, you've probably been doing it already, but the Tandem Shower by Boona wants you to shower with your partner more efficiently.

The Tandem Shower is exactly what it sounds like: It's a dual shower head that lets you shower in tandem with someone else. The product comprises a rod that spreads across the length of your shower with a shower head on either end. According to the brand, installation is a breeze and doesn't require you to hire a plumber or contractor. All you have to do is extend the Tandem Shower until its fits snug between your walls, and then you attach the hose, vale and shower head. You can even continue using your existing shower head as part of the Tandem Shower, and reversing the install is just as easy as the install (if you decide showering with your partner just isn't your thing).

The shower heads can be adjusted to accommodate partners of different heights, and a water control valve allows you to use just one shower head instead of both. The brand touts that it designed Tandem to provide optimal shower pressure despite having two shower heads. And when people shower together, they save water because they only have to run the shower once to clean two people.

The Tandem Shower should work in most people's showers, but the brand says there are three requirements to make sure it'll actually work in your home: your wall-to-wall distance has to be between 57 and 76 inches; you need to have sturdy walls; and your shower arm has to protrude from the side of the wall, and not from the ceiling.

As of publishing, the Tandem Shower Kickstarter has raised over $500,000, surpassing its $10,000 goal with less than a month left to back the project. The Tandem Shower has a retail price of $349, but the Kickstarter special will knock off $100 the retail price.

Price: $349


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