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Spark Up on the Down Low with the 10 Best One-Hitters and Chillums

These one-hit wonders are perfect for seshing alone, on the go and/or with tight-knit groups.

chillums and one hitters on a wooden tray with a lighter, grinder, and weed nugget
Sean Tirman

Picture this: you’re in the mood for a little weed, but you don’t want to break out a bong, nor do you want to roll up a joint. A pipe, additionally, is not the vibe. “Just one-to-two hits, that’s all I want,” you scream to no one, fists in the air. Suddenly, you hear a small plink behind you: A one-hitter (or a chillum pipe) has dropped from the sky! You dip your one-hitter into your grinder to pack it and light up with your weird weed fairytale-fever-dream-mission to have simply two puffs complete.

Okay, so it's not quite that simple and convenient. Truth be told, you're going to want to find the one-hitter that suits your needs, tastes and budgetary constraints best. But that's why we're here. We've done the work and rounded up our favorite chillums and one-hitters for your convenience. Don't let your dreams be dreams! Just do it! Pick one of these bad boys up and make it happen.

What the Hell Is a Chillum?

A chillum is a small, hollow tube with a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on another. And while the term is sometimes used interchangeably with "one-hitter," there are some key differences between them (e.g. chillums have a cone shape whereas one-hitters might be more cylindrical). Furthermore, unlike their friends, pipes and bowls, chillums lack a carb (a hole in a pipe or bowl that controls airflow). That's the simple explanation. If you want to learn more, you should probably check out our extensive explainer on all you need to know about chillums.


How We Tested

Utilizing various sites, forums, fan input and our own personal research, we narrowed down a list of one-hitters and chillums we wanted to test. Then, we got our hands on them and tried them out over the course of weeks and months, using them across a variety of settings and paying special attention not just to their overall quality and construction, but also their convenience, portability and more. Chillums and one-hitters are, after all, made for short, discreet, sometimes on-the-go sessions, so we were careful to take into account any and all factors that make these smoking devices more session-able.

collage of different chillums and one hitters on a wooden tray with a lighter, grinder, and bud
Sean Tirman

Vessel Helix

Best Overall Chillum

Vessel Helix


  • Super smooth, cools the smoke
  • Gorgeous design

  • Fairly expensive for a one-hitter

  • Materials: Brass
  • Length: 3.54 inches
  • Weight: 1.9 ounces

    Helix is a patent-pending piece made of pure, non-toxic brass for clean inhalation. The piece features an interior spiral shaped like a double helix that doubles the length of the smoke path and filters as residue builds up to result in a smooth, cool pull every time. In fact, this design bypasses one of the major issues with many chillums, one-hitters and shorter pipes: hot smoke. And yet, at just over 3.5 inches and 1.9 ounces, it's still small enough to stash in even the most crowded of pockets or bags. And the cherry on top of the cake? It comes in four different color combinations, giving it a measure of style customization. The company’s Helix Cone one-hitter, which uses similar technology on a slightly smaller scale, and its Air Glass one-hitters, which come in a three-pack, are also fabulous choices in case you can’t shell out the dough for a Helix.

    DynaVap The Omni

    Best One-Hitter Upgrade

    Dynavap The Omni


    • Practically indestructible
    • Extremely lightweight

    • Incredibly expensive
    • Materials: Titanium
    • Length: 4.29 inches
    • Weight: 0.7 ounces

      Consider this the Aston Martin of one-hitters. Made in the U.S. out of lightweight, long-lasting titanium, the Dynavap Omni puts the power of a vaporizer into the size of a one-hitter. The company recommends you use a butane torch-style lighter to heat up the device, which is not much of a limitation as long as you’re comfortable using that kind of lighter. It has a dial indicator for quick and easy airflow adjustment, a notched dosing chamber that functions as a built-in grinder, and an Adjust-a-Bowl feature that allows the user to change the size of the dosing chamber. RIP Inspector Gadget, you would have loved this thing (he’s not dead, the show just isn’t running anymore). If you want something in a similar class that's not quite as high-end and expensive, the brand also has a new "M" Plus vape for over $100 cheaper.

      Higher Standards Glass Taster

      Best Budget One-Hitter

      Higher Standards Glass Taster


      • Unbelievably affordable
      • Super easy to clean

      • Very basic
      • Materials: Borosilicate glass
      • Length: 3.5 inches
      • Weight: 0.5 ounces

        At just $10, this is one of the cheapest one-hitters you can get (that's still good quality, of course). It's made from borosilicate glass, making it extremely lightweight and easy to clean while still being sturdy and, honestly, pretty beautiful. And it helps that it's crafted by one of our favorite brands in the weed game right now.

        a higher standards chillum in a a hand with a lighter
        Higher Standards’ tiny Taster is only slightly longer than a lighter.
        Sean Tirman

        Our tester found that the simplicity, especially when combined with its budget-friendliness, makes this a really great, no-nonsense option for quick, on-the-go sessions. However, it is made entirely out of glass, so users will want to be careful to avoid any impacts, especially for those that plan to carry it in their pocket.

        Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster

        Best-Looking One-Hitter

        Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster


        • Sleek, minimalist design
        • Easy to clean

        • Small bowl, even for a one-hitter
        • Materials: Borosilicate glass
        • Length: 3.125 inches
        • Weight: 0.5 ounces

          If you're the type of person that likes to show off and chat about your gear, this is probably the one-hitter for you. Of course, while it looks great — courtesy of the fogged glass and that pop of color in the form of a gold band — it's also well-built from Borosilicate glass, has a sturdy mouthpiece and the bowl design makes it easier to smoke without inhaling a bunch of ash.

          a chillum in a hand with a lighter
          Compact and gorgeous, the fogged glass on this one-hitter hides grime buildup well.
          Sean Tirman

          Our tester found that, while more expensive than the Higher Standards option above, it also feels a bit more substantial and is actually a bit smaller. They did notice that the bowl is a little small compared to some of the other one-hitters, but that could be a good thing in this case, as these pipes are made for small sessions ("one-hitter" is literal in this case). Furthermore, the mouthpiece makes it easier to make a seal without having to wrap your entire lips around the pipe, making it great for sharing.

          Eyce Shorty

          Best Unbreakable Chillum

          Eyce Shorty


          • Hard to break glass bowl, flexible body
          • Easy to grip

          • Silicone can crack over time
          • Materials: Borosilicate glass and silicone
          • Length: 3.5 inches
          • Weight: 0.5 ounces

            Featuring a snap-in borosilicate glass bowl design, this one-hitter features a cured silicone body and a lifetime warranty, meaning you won’t be heartbroken if it rolls off the table (not that it would break; it probably wouldn't). It also includes a key chain loop, and the bowl can be removed for cleaning or swapped with Eyce’s titanium or quartz nozzles to turn it into a compact honey straw.

            a chillum in a hand with a lighter
            For durability, this silicon-bodied Eyce is tough to beat.
            Sean Tirman

            Our user loved this pipe's flexibility and relative indestructibility, making this pipe great for pocketing between sessions. Plus, the bowl is a good size (larger than just about all of its competition on our list), making it great for sharing. And while the design is a little bit gaudy and not quite as discreet as some others (those colors are very vibrant), it's still very compact.

            Laundry Day Charlotte Pipe

            Most Unique One-Hitter Pipe

            Laundry Day Charlotte Pipe


            • Beautiful, unique design
            • Easy to grip and use

            • Somewhat difficult to clean
            • A little large for a one-hitter
            • Materials: Borosilicate glass
            • Length: 4.5 inches
            • Weight: 0.9 ounces

              This piece isn’t a one-trick pony. In plenty of colors to fit your vibe, this glass piece can be used like a one-hitter or packed like a full bowl. The company also sells mesh screens for their pipes, which make smoking even more enjoyable, since you don't have to worry so much about inhaling ash.

              a chillum in a hand with a lighter
              Laundry Day’s Charlotte might be the most unique one-hitter on the market.
              Sean Tirman

              Our tester (who tested the slightly more expensive chrome version of this pipe) loved the versatility of the Charlotte, which is small enough to still qualify as a one-hitter but large enough to be a bit more versatile and good for sharing. They also found that, while somewhat difficult to clean thanks to the unique design, it was also easy to hold and use for the same reason, effectively offsetting the downside.

              Eyce Solo Dugout Kit

              Best Dugout Kit

              Eyce Solo Dugout Kit


              • Handy all-in-one format
              • Stellar organization

              • More cumbersome than other one-hitters
              • Materials: Borosilicate glass, silicone, steel
              • Length: 3.2 inches (case), 3 inches (pipe)
              • Weight: 2.8 ounces (case), 0.2 ounces(pipe)

                Complete with a dugout, Borosilicate glass one-hitter and a steel poker tool, this kit has everything you need (minus the herb itself) to take your one-hitter adventures on the go. For those that travel a lot (or those that one a simple, all-in-one solution), this is a really great, budget-friendly one-hitter setup. Yes, it is a lot larger than just a one-hitter on its own, but the fact that you can stash a lighter and even some flower inside the case more than makes up for that. And, if you really want to, you could just take the tiny one-hitter and leave the rest of the kit behind.

                a chillum on a counter top
                A bit bigger than just a one-hitter, this dugout kit makes up for it with all-in-one storage.
                Sean Tirman

                Our tester loved the convenience of having an all-in-one set but did discover that, unless smoking is the primary goal, it does take up quite a bit of pocket space. Still, if you have a sling bag or backpack, this is hands-down one of the best options around, especially for its top-notch organization and affordability.

                Jane West Solo

                Sleekest One-Hitter

                Jane West Solo


                • Super discreet
                • Sturdy construction

                • Complicated cleaning
                • Materials: Enamel and aluminum
                • Length: 3 inches
                • Weight: N/A

                  This chillum offers the perfect two-puff serving. It is covered in kitchen-grade enamel to prevent wear and tear, and it comes with a custom-fit multi-tool for easy cleaning on the go. Its enamel and aluminum construction also makes it sturdier than a lot of other chillums and one-hitters, especially glass ones, and the inclusion of a multi-tool makes for handy clearing and cleaning not found with other options out there. And it is still plenty compact, so slipping it into your pocket is reasonable even with a full complement of EDC gear. Furthermore, it's especially affordable, making for a great all-around option.

                  Session Goods One Hitter Pipe

                  Best One-Handed Chillum

                  Session Goods One Hitter Pipe


                  • Easy to clean
                  • Handy removable silicone handle

                  • Works best with pre-rolls
                  • Materials: Borosilicate glass and silicone
                  • Length: 3.15 inches
                  • Weight: N/A

                    This pocket-sized borosilicate glass one-hitter is perfect for small tokes, solo sessions or a quick hit. In order to prevent your fingers from burning, the one-hitter comes with a silicon tab to protect your precious phalanges. You can pack it with your ground flower of choice or use it with a Session bong. Or, if you don’t want to pass or touch a soggy joint with your fingers, use this one-hitter to hold your pre-roll.

                    Grav Helix

                    Most Unique Chillum

                    Grav Helix Chillum 3


                    • Surprisingly compact
                    • Unique technology

                    • Hard to clean
                    • Materials: Borosilicate glass
                    • Length: 3 inches
                    • Weight: N/A

                      This chillum gets the honor of “most unique” because, well, just look at it: That’s a unique little guy. But, its specs also make it worthy of being on our list: it’s just three inches long and features three air intake holes that cool and spin smoke. A colored marble prevents the chillum from rolling between uses. Neat, right?

                      Sean Tirman is Gear Patrol’s Commerce Writer.
                      Amanda Reed is Gear Patrol’s cannabis lifestyle writer.
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