The Top Coffee Gear of 2018

Coffee’s golden age is here, and the gear is here with it.


As we’ve repeated over and over this year, we’re living through the golden age of coffee. There are more great roasters making great coffee than ever, and they’re selling it at prices that are way more reasonable than they should be. With them, we’ve seen new approaches to preparation and serving, including (but not limited to) an upgraded take on the classic French press and award-winning turmeric mixers.

Finally, Instant Coffee That Doesn’t Suck

Individually-packaged pour-over that ships to your front door.

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This Over-Engineered Coffee Grinder Will Take Your Morning Routine to the Next Level

Coffee obsessives only, please.

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This New Book Surveys the World’s Largest Collection of Coffee Cup Lids

A loving ode to the modest, yet apparently artful, coffee lid.

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Channel Your Inner Coffee Obsessive With This Award-Winning Bean Roaster

If the democratization of coffee goes any further we'll be harvesting our own coffee plants soon enough.

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Where to Buy the Country’s Best Craft Coffee Online

Trade works with more than 40 coffee roasters and purveys 411 different bean roasts.

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This Handsome Carafe Solves a Big Problem with Pour-Over Coffee

Hario knows the pain of going through the extra steps to make pour-over coffee only for it to need microwaving 10 minutes into drinking it. So, they made a carafe to fix it.

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Coffee Is 99% Water — This $25 Jug Makes Your Tap Water Cafe Quality

Professional baristas have multi-thousand dollar machines that ensure the quality of the water they use in your commute coffee — this filtration jug aims to accomplish the same for you at home for all of...

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This Is the Upgrade the French Press Needed

Like its European counterpart, the American Press uses a carafe and plunger system to infuse hot water and ground coffee -- it also works with loose leaf tea -- but its unique design makes it...

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This No Bullshit Coffee Company Thinks Specialty Coffee Is Way Too Stuck Up

There's another coffee subscription on the block that's cheaper, less stuffy and, frankly, more interesting than most of what's out there.

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Two of Our Favorite Coffee Companies Teamed Up for the Ultimate Camp Coffee

It's not technically instant coffee, but it may as well be.

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The Coffee Industry Wants You to Put Turmeric in Your Espresso

The Specialty Coffee Association has awarded two turmeric chai mixes Best New Product at back-to-back conventions. Here's what you need to know.

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These Coffee Cups Won One of the Most Prestigious Design Awards in the World

These coffee cups are made out of coffee.

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This Award-Winning Portable Coffee Maker Actually Works, and It’s Finally Available

Affordable and award-winning, Soma's latest product is simple and close to perfect.

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The Best Electric Coffee Kettle Money Can Buy Just Got Better

Fellow's Stagg EKG kettles are wicked effective and gorgeous, and they just got even prettier.

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This Futuristic Robot Makes the Perfect Cup of Coffee

It's kind of amazing, but also a little bit creepy.

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This Simple Cold Brew Coffee Setup is Only $10 Right Now

Bodum may be known for affordable french presses, but its cold brewer is equally simple to use and every bit as effective.

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Some of the Best Coffee in the US Is Sold on Amazon

Roasting out of northwestern Arkanas, Onyx Coffee Lab is taking home awards in roasting and brewing, and taking the coffee world with it.

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This Is the Most Interesting New Coffee Maker in a Very Long Time

The new FrankOne brewer from Colombia has the potential to be the best (and most affordable) way to make cold brew coffee. Period.

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If You Like Fresh and Flavorful Coffee, Buy These Storage Vessels Now

That flimsy bag isn't doing your coffee any favors.

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This Year in Gear

Just like that, 2018 has come and gone. Take a look back at the best of what the past 365 days had to offer in This Year in Gear

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