Black and Decker Matrix Modular Tool System

Change for less change

Black and Decker

Filling a toolbox is no cheap venture. For the cash-strapped, the Black and Decker Matrix Modular Tool System provides a unique opportunity to build a quality fix-it arsenal with minimal bank roll trauma. Using B&D’s Quick Connect System, the tool’s included drill/driver head can be swapped out for up to six other options including an impact driver, oscillating multi-tool, jigsaw, detail sander, router, or trim saw — that are each sold separately for between $30 and $40. Power sources are similarly swappable and come in 12 V ($50) and 20V ($70) lithium ion varieties, in addition to a 4 Amp AC option that will launch this January ($40). Here’s hoping it changes your honey do list to honey done in half the time.

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