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The 12 Best Home Products of Summer 2022

From the finest grill to the coolest canned cocktail you can buy, here's everything you need to have a great summer — at home.

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When summer is in full swing, the last place you'll want to be is at home. Or is it? Maybe you have a super-sweet backyard where you can throw the best grill parties every day, with the perfect outdoor furniture to keep your guests comfortable all summer long. Or maybe you just want to chill indoors, cold brew in hand — and allergies at bay with a top-of-the-line air purifier. Whatever your situation is, here are the best home products to have to make sure you have an excellent summer this year.

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Best Charcoal Grill
Weber Kettle Premium Grill

This souped-up version of the classic Weber kettle has an improved ash catch for faster, easier cleanup, while remaining sturdy enough to lock in heat without being back-breakingly heavy.

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Best Air Purifier
Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier
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This unit offers some of the best air purification on the market at its price point — eliminating pollutants ranging from microscopic germs to harmful, stinky smoke — and it does so in spite of a fairly small body.

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Best Tower Fan
Lasko Portable Electric 42" Oscillating Tower Fan
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A tower fan doesn’t need much to be great, but that’s what makes this Lasko a must-get. It has three quiet fan speeds, a remote control and a nighttime mode; plus, it’s light enough to easily tote from room to room.

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Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Oxo Good Grips 32-ounce Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This setup offers excellent coffee extraction, with a metal filter that minimizes the mess of dealing with soggy coffee grounds. Ready for a cup? Dispense directly from the brewer with the flip of a switch.

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Best Outdoor Furniture Brand

Outer’s line is designed to withstand the elements, doing so with beautifully crafted sofas, tables and chairs. Each piece features sustainable materials and is backed by an up-to-10-year warranty.

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Best Cast-Iron Skillets
Field Company

While Field Company doesn’t make the cheapest cast-iron skillets you can find, the brand’s cast iron is lighter, smoother and simpler than that of rival skillet makers.

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Best Cooling Pillow
Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology

Casper took its heat-sucking Snow Technology, once used exclusively for its mattresses, and applied it to a pillow. The pillow draws warmth away from the sleeper, providing up to 12 hours of cool-headed sleep.

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Best Beach Chair
Lido The Chair

This product ticks off all the boxes for an excellent beach chair: it’s portable, it’s comfortable and it reclines. Better yet, additional features include an insulated cooler, a boatload of pockets and fold-out tables.

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Best Canned Cocktail

Onda is a classic tequila soda, but in canned form. At 5 percent ABV, it’s low enough in booze to let you sip a few before naptime, and it comes in delicious flavors like lime and tropical passion fruit.

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Best Weed Vape
Pax 3

Compatible with both dry herb and concentrates, the Pax 3 heats up in 20 seconds, providing excellent dabs for hit after hit, along with your choice of four temperature settings (or more if you have the app).

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Best Portable Speaker
Sonos Roam

The Roam pulls double duty: it’s an excellent portable Bluetooth speaker you can take on the road, and a smart speaker that can play along with the other Sonos speakers you have at home.

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Best Budget Smart Thermostat
Amazon Smart Thermostat

This no-frills unit is super affordable, works with most 24-volt HVAC systems (a.k.a. most homes) and can be voice-controlled using a compatible Alexa-enabled device such as an Echo or the Alexa app.

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