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Satisfy Your Trail Running Craving With This New Gear

The Alta Collection builds on Satisfy's commitment to quality and superior design.

satisfy trail running
Achille Mauri

Running is a noble (if masochistic) pursuit, so why are you wearing anything but the best running gear? If the body is a temple, it deserves the finest threads and fibers.

Satisfy has built a reputation on quality and out-of-this-world comfort, and its newest collection is no different. The boutique running brand recently launched ALTA, its newest and most intense collection yet. Fiery reds and earth-toned neutrals, inspired by Italian stratovolcano Mt. Etna, breathe fire into the art of lacing up for a run.

Consisting of six key pieces that can be worn together or separately, Alta is Satisfy's next step into trail running, one of the fastest growing categories in the outdoors. Knowing that the needs of the athlete that steps off the paved path for the trail, Satisfy used premium fabrics and updated silhouettes to transform the trail running kit from a thing of boredom to one of beauty.

I spoke with Satisfy’s founder and creative director Brice Partouche to learn more about this collection and the brand at large.

satisfy alta collection
Achille Mauri
satisfy alta collection
Achille Mauri

GP: How did Mt. Etna serve as inspiration for Satisfy’s new collection?

BP: The color palette for the collection was inspired by the minerals, rock and earth in the volcanic terrain.

Graphically, the team took classic Satisfy motifs and reworked them to reference the landscape around the fabled volcano, reintroducing a Death Valley graphic to new terrain and creating a new “Sun” graphic to mark the occasion of the drop.

ALTA’s colors are dynamic and bold - is that a departure for Satisfy?

The palettes are heavily influenced by the stories Satisfy tells through drops. This particular story is more of evolution based on this story.

Satisfy worked with Italian runner Francesco Puppi on this collection — what was that partnership like?

Francesco was wonderful to work with, allowing us to explore a different side of Mt. Etna that many don’t see. Like all of Satisfy's stories, our goal is to showcase routes that runners can actually experience. It was a pleasure for us to explore and take in what Francesco can call his backyard.

satisfy alta collection
Achille Mauri

What differentiates the collection from others that Satisfy has released in the past?

This collection takes Satisfy's DNA as a brand but solidifies our presence in the trail running space. What we love about trail runs is that, for us, it’s not about breaking records or being the best — in stepping outside we get to explore and experience something new.

Satisfy is known for premium fabrics and construction, as well as fit. How has the emphasis on quality shaped Satisfy as a brand?

By taking what other brands consider "selling points" or something, like quick-dry and moisture wicking, as a given, it's allowed us to explore a more romantic approach to performance. We’re constantly exploring and developing new silhouettes and fabric technologies to help remove distraction when people are focused on their physical activity - be it running, or whatever they might be doing outdoors.

Satisfy's new Alta Collection is available now.

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