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Altra Drops Their First Trail Runner with a BOA Fit Lacing System

The new Mont Blanc BOA Trail Runner combines the performance of Altra with the efficiency of BOA.

altra trail runner shoes

According to this study featured in the National Library of Medicine, conventional footwear (a.k.a. your super-fancy new running shoes) is "associated with weaker intrinsic foot muscles that may predispose individuals to reduced foot stiffness and potentially flat foot." Your feet need to flex and move to retain strength and flexibility, and many over-engineered shoes prohibit that kind of movement. The toes in particular suffer: the narrow toe box on most athletic shoes cramp and squish your little piggies, often resulting foot pain or injury.

Altra is well-known for its commitment to foot health: the brand's iconic toe boxes (although a little funky to look at) are wide and expansive, and offer your toes the freedom to move and shift within your shoe, promoting overall foot health. We've sung the brand's praises before, and have felt the benefits of the shoes firsthand.

Today, Altra takes another step forward in the path of progression with its first-ever trail runner outfitted with a BOA Fit System. Anyone familiar with snow gear, or increasingly, running equipment, will know BOA: the patented fit system allows for a fast, secure fit and for the micro-adjustments needed for your most secure ride. Altra's brand-new shoe, the Mont Blanc BOA Fit, combines the precision of BOA with the comfort and performance of Altra.

What kind of tech does the new Mont Blanc BOA Fit feature?

This all-new trail runner includes Altra's Balanced Cushioning Platform and Footshape Toe Box, as well as the brand's plushest midsole foam, Ego Max.

Translation? This is a cushioned trail runner with a roomy toe box that provides both responsive power and a supportive feel underfoot to fight foot fatigue and promote agility on the trail. The most notable feature on the shoes is undoubtedly the BOA Fit System: the Mont Blanc is equipped with the PerformFit Wrap system, which allows for micro-adjustments and customization in two distinct zones.

"With the Mont Blanc being designed as our premium trail product, we wanted to push the on-foot experience even more by working with BOA to provide an elevated dynamic fit," said Alex Lind, Senior Product Line Manager at Altra. "The dual dial system allows runners to tune their fit in two areas, and provide a confident fit in variable terrain. It also allows for on-the-fly adjustments."

The result is a trail runner that prioritizes stability and reduces landing impact, while maintaining a custom and secure fit. For trail runners looking for a dependable and, let's face it, cool new shoe, this may be the next pair to invest in.

The Mont Blanc BOA is available at altrarunning.com now.

Altra Running Mont Blanc BOA

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