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Jackery Releases Its Newest Solar Generator, a Step Forward in Portable Power's Eolution

The Solar Generator 1000 Pro has made some big jumps from their flagship product

a jackery solar generator 1000 pro placed in the back of a truck charging a mavic drone

Jackery is a leading name in the portable power station industry, with an already impressive lineup of products. Mainly created to allow your outdoor adventures to last longer in our electronic world, the brand has continuously developed fresh products for more convenient and reliable power sources. Like many other products that make the outdoors a bit more luxurious such as camp showers or trailers, power stations allow your home life to be more mobile.

a jackery solar generator 1000 pro sitting in front of a mountain view

The Solar Generator 1000 Pro has been added to the mix as a new and improved version of the brand's flagship product: following the release of the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro earlier this year, the 1000 Pro includes similar design and function upgrades. This new bundle is comprised of the latest Explorer 1000 Pro power station and four SolarSaga 200W solar panels. We included the first iteration of the Explorer 1000 on our best portable power stations list and have since reviewed the generator and its solar charging performance. We were impressed with its operation, so what could make this new device better?

Charge Time and Battery Longevity

The pro model has an impressively quick charge time: you can achieve a full charge in just 1.8 hours, when plugged into a wall or when using all four solar panels. This upgrade is a game changer, as it is almost a quarter of the advertised charge time of the original Explorer 1000. The previous model had been on par with other comparable power stations, taking around 7 hours to get a full battery, which requires a bit more planning to make sure you are charged up when needed.

friends eat dinner around a table while a jackery solar generator 1000 pro charges their computer

When investing in a high-dollar item like this, you'll want it to have some serious longevity. The battery now has a life cycle of 1000 charges, as opposed to 500 in the previous model. That many charges will give you many years of portable power without concern of wearing the station out. Additionally, it's backed by a three-year warranty, and if you purchase the product directly through their website, you can extend it for an extra two years.

Design Improvements

There have also been some design changes that are consistent with the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro that we saw earlier this year. The unit is now more packable because of the boxier design. Its newly added handle allows you to easily move the 25 pound unit around, while also taking up less space when loading up the car. Additionally, there have been improvements made to the display screen, making it brighter and easier to read. There are eight spots to plug your devices in, including two USB-As, two USB-Cs, a 12V car charger and three standard AC plug-ins.

friends play frisbee in front of a jackery solar generator 1000 pro

Becoming a popular tool in our increasingly electric-powered world, power stations can make our lives more convenient and reliable, especially if you find yourself frequently on the road or out camping. Available for pre-order on the Jackery website, the bundle is available for $3,999, keep in mind that you can also purchase the generator separately if you already have the 200W solar panels.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro
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