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This is the Best Shirt Jacket for Cooler Weather

Outerknown's Blanket Shirt is one of our favorites. Here's why.


Shirt jackets are a dime a dozen. The crowd-favorite style is most often a brushed fabric rendered in cotton, but can be made with wool as well as man-made materials like polyester and acrylic. Sometimes they're lined with sherpa or filled with down material, but most times they're simply just heavier.

But with enough options on the market to render you completely paralyzed at the point of purchase, we'd understand if you just threw your hands up in defeat. But don't wade in despair. Outerknown's Blanket Shirt is one of the most worthwhile shirts you can get.



It's super soft.

The fabric is deceptive. It feels just about as soft as cashmere but is really just your old friend cotton twill. But it's not just cozy; it's pretty breathable, too.

There are a million variations.

Because Outerknown knows it's got a good thing, they made it into over a dozen different plaids and even a few solids. So if your fancy hasn't been struck by one, it could well be struck by another. Or if on the statistically significant chance that this will be your new fave, you'll be glad that they made several for you to stock up on.

It's flattering.

The Blanket Shirt finds the silver lining in the no man's land between slim and sloppy. It's perfectly relaxed without teetering into the geometry of a potato sack but tailored enough to all but guarantee an average daily pedestrian double takes of 6, at the very least.

It's affordable for what you're getting.

For over a hundred bucks, it isn't the cheapest shirt. But it's a mega value for what it is: a shirt jacket. Organic cotton twill? Yup. Corozo nut buttons? Duh. Wrinkle resistant? But of course. You'll be glad you bought one. But if not, you'll be glad to know it has a cheaper sibling, the Transitional Flannel.

Blanket Shirt
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