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Pelican i1015 iPhone Case

This Ain't No "Bumper"


If you’re like me, then your summer probably entails some degree of adventure. Last week? Whitewater rafting. Problem is, I’m also an information junkie and whether I’m navigating Category 5 rapids or just chucking gear into my SUV, there are lulls and in those lulls I must… check… email. To sheath my iPhone 4, I’ve been testing out venerable über case-maker Pelican’s i1015 iPhone Case ($27). It’s a watertight, crush-proof, dust-proof case that features an external headphone jack that supports microphone control to avoid unnecessary opening/closing. Like you’d expect from Pelican, the case is purposefully built with toughness and ruggedness at the forefront. Though it’s designed for the iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod Touch, and iPod Nano, it also fits the iPhone 4 and Droid perfectly. Don’t let the serene scene above fool you, the Pelican i1015 case is battlefield ready.

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