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The Best Ski Tracking Apps and Wearables of 2016

Track your speed. Track your altitude.


Remember asking your ski buddies if they saw how much air you got off that jump at the lift line? Now you can actually answer that question, on the spot, in real time. There there are numerous apps and wearables to track your metrics while you rip over corduroy and weave through trees off-piste. The problem is, there are so many of them out there that deciding which one to use, or buy, can be a nightmare. That’s where we come in. Here are our favorites.


On the slopes, groups get separated. This app lets the group know where everybody is via the iPhone’s built-in GPS and accurate trail maps. It also has a chat feature if group members prefer not to open iMessage.
iOS: $3

This is the best app to track your skiing metrics, as rated by Snowboard Magazine, Wired and SKI Magazine. By setting up a “DAYCRU” between friends, you can track each others’s metrics, including speed, altitude, runs, vertical, distance and slope angle.
iOS: Free | Android: Free

This app helps backcountry skiers and snowboarders locate potential dangers. Much like Waze, it uses the iPhone’s GPS and locates geotagged points of interest crowdsourced by other backcountry enthusiasts on Avanet. You can read their comments about the hazard areas, or leave your own warnings for future travelers.
iOS: Free


Fenix 3 by Garmin $488
This multi-sport smartwatch is a master of the slopes. It automatically tracks speed, distance and vertical drop for individual runs; it tracks the total number of runs; and it has an Auto Pause for when you’re on the lift.

Airwave Goggles by Oakley $550
These goggles have a 1-inch display built into them (Oakley claims it won’t obstruct your vision) that displays your current speed, vertical drop, distance, and altitude in real time. They also have an integrated GPS that, when synced to the app, can track your exact run.

Multisports Sensor and Ski Accessory by PIQ $198
The sensor tracks your jumps (rotations, airtime, G-force) and rates your turns (transition, G-Force and carving). Afterward, you can look at you PIQ score via a free app to analyze your overall performance on the slopes. If you already own the PIQ Multisports Sensor, all you need to buy is the Ski Accessory ($49) that straps around your ski boot.

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