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How to Play Xbox One Games on Your iPhone

The Xbox app has a new remote play feature that allows you to stream and play Xbox games on your iPhone and iPad for the first time. Here's what you need to know.

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Microsoft recently updated its Xbox app and the big news is that it has a new "remote play" feature that allows you to stream and play Xbox games on your iPhone and iPad for the first time. No big-screen television needed.

The catch is that in order to take advantage of the Xbox app's new remote play feature, you need to have an Xbox One (or Xbox Series X / S) console and it needs to be nearby. This is because the games still run on the Xbox hardware; they are just beamed to the phone over your Wi-Fo

If you're looking to play Xbox One games completely remotely — meaning far away from your Xbox One console and television — you have to have Project xCloud, which is Microsoft’s cloud gaming service that comes bundled for free with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription; however, Apple has currently blocked Project xCloud on iOS, so you can only take advantage of this feature on PCs or Android devices.

To take advantage of the Xbox One's new remote play feature is an iPhone or iPad, and play a game here 's what you'll need: an updated Xbox app, a wireless Xbox controller and a solid Wi-Fi or LTE connection. As mentioned, you'll have to be in the same vicinity as your actual console, too.

Here's how to play games on your iPhone or iPad.

For the initial setup process, you'll need to be in the same room as your Xbox console as you'll have to enable your Xbox One to stream games to your iPhone or iPad

• Open the new Xbox app on your iPhone and sign-in using your username (or email) and password.

• Select the 'My Library' tab, select 'Consoles' and select your Xbox One console.

• Select the 'Remote play on this device' from the drop-down menu.

• Turn on your Xbox One console and television.

• Select the "Enable remote play" on your console when the menu appears. (It should load from your Xbox's Home screen.)

And that's it. Your Xbox should test your connection and help you connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your Xbox (if you aren't already). You'll also need a newer Xbox wireless controller that supports Bluetooth or wireless controller like the Razer Kishi.

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