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Need Help Organizing All Your Online Shopping Tracking Info? This App Streamlines It All

Shopify's new Shop App keeps all of your tracking numbers in one place. You'll never lose sight of a package again.

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I'm going to go out on a limb and say I'm not the only one who has developed something of an online shopping addiction during the pandemic. Spending that much time at home made me start to see all the things in my apartment I didn't like, all the gaps in my wardrobe (even though I had nowhere to wear anything) and, like many people, I bought a quarantine cat to keep me company. Ok, I adopted him, but you get it, cats are kind of expensive.

One of the most frustrating things about buying from different retailers online is wrangling all of the tracking numbers and actually remembering what I bought and from what site. There's a plant coming from Bloomscape, a 40-pound box of litter coming from PetSmart and a pair of pants from Mr. Porter. Where is the tracking number for each one? Will I be home when it gets here? Which email address did I use? You can see how it quickly gets to be too much to keep track of. This is where my new favorite app comes into play, the aptly-named Shop App.

Made by e-commerce giant Shopify, the free Shop App works in step with Shop Pay and Shopify-powered websites to seamlessly update your orders and tracking information within the sleek, well-designed app. The interface is super simple to work with and has a few cool-looking features like an interactive map and photos of what you ordered that move dynamically within each module. You can even shop at tons of places within the Shop App, because of course you can. But thankfully that is a level of addition I have thus far abstained from.

What if everything you order isn't from a Shopify store? Well, that is okay, too. You can set up the app so that it automatically imports orders from Outlook, Gmail or Amazon accounts along with what is already coming in from your Shop Pay account. Shop Pay is also a breeze to set up: Order once from a Shopify store and all of your info is saved. Then when you enter your email on another shop, you will be prompted to enter a code that has been texted to you and all of your info populates. If you use an email that isn't automatically uploaded, like an Apple email, you can easily just copy and paste the tracking number into the app.

A wonderful additional feature of the Shop App and, frankly, another great excuse to use it, is that Shopify is working to plant mangrove trees in Senegal that will eventually offset the carbon emissions from every order placed through Shop Pay and the Shop App. It is working with WeForest to restore the Casamance Mangroves, which will not only capture CO2 but will grow fish populations, allow for sustainable harvesting and rebuild habitat for endangered species. The current goal is to plant 4.6 million trees before 2022, which seems doable considering how e-comm has boomed in the past year. With all of the buzz around sustainability and some of the claims being dubious at best, it is awesome to see a company that is doing a lot of work for small businesses also do great things for the environment.

Essentially, I got tired of searching my email accounts for tracking numbers. Then I found the Shop App and it's allowed me to keep tabs on all my packages in one, streamlined interface. Whether you are a rampant pandemic impulse buyer who likes to see a package on your doorstep every day (like me) or just want to ensure that you have a close eye on everything you spend your money on, downloading this app can make your life so much easier.


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