Welcome to Instagram, Apple

The Cupertino giant finally has a handle.


Apple finally has an Instagram account, and no, it’s not to promote its latest product deals. Instead, the Cupertino giant’s Instagram account is dedicated to photos and videos that have been shot on iPhone. Anybody with an iPhone can be featured on the account, too — just use the hashtag #ShotOniPhone with your next post. If selected, the account will link to your Instagram handle and include an caption describing your photo or video.

Apple isn’t expecting to commission many people to take photos for the account; however, if photos are commissioned, expect to see the caption “#ShotoniPhone with paid support from Apple.” The main purpose of the account is to showcase the creative community of people using iPhone. It seems odd that it took Apple so long to create an account for such a purpose — given that its “Shot On iPhone” campaign is over two years old — but alas, it’s here, and if you’re looking to gain followers, using #ShotOniPhone could be a great way of doing just that.

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