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How to Add Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card to Your iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can store your COVID-19 vaccination card directly in the Wallet app. Here's how.

Gear Patrol

Instead of carrying your COVID-19 vaccination card everywhere you go, you've likely created a digital copy of it — meaning you took a photo of it with your smartphone — so you didn't risk losing it. But having to sort through your photo library every time you need to show your COVID-19 vaccination card isn't ideal.

Well, Apple is making this whole situation a little easier. That's because if you have an iPhone, Apple's recent software update — iOS 15.1, which rolled out late October 2021— grants you the ability to store your COVID-19 vaccination card directly in the Apple Wallet.

Reminder: to make sure your iPhone has the latest software update, open the Settings app, select General, and select Software Update.

How to add your vaccination card to Apple Wallet

There are a few different ways (or scenarios) to add your COVID-19 vaccination card to your Apple Wallet.

If you have a QR code:

• Open the camera app on your iPhone.
• Make sure you're using the rear-camera.
• Make sure the QR code is the focus of your iPhone's viewfinder.
• Click the Health app notification that appears when the camera recognizes the QR code.
• Select "Add to Wallet & Health."
• Select "Done."

If you have downloadable link of your vaccination record:

• Click the download link.
• When the notification appears, select "Add to Wallet & Health."
• Select "Done."

If you already have your COVID-19 vaccination record added to the Health app:

• Open the Health app.
• Select the Summary tab (at the bottom).
• Under Vaccination Record, tap "Add to Wallet."

After it's added, you can then access your COVID-19 vaccination card in the Wallet app any time you want. However, if you want to get the full details of your card — other than just your name, vaccine type and the date(s) you got vaccinated — you'll have to authenticate yourself by using Face ID, Touch ID or typing in your passcode.


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