Why It's a Bad Time to Buy Every iPhone But One

With the iPhone 14 on the horizon, it's time to hold your horses.

iphone sitting on a table
Tucker Bowe

It's no secret that Apple is gearing up to announce new iPhones. The latest rumor, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, is that the iPhone 14 (in all its various forms) will be announced on September 7 and then be available the following week on September 14. This means that if you are thinking about buying a new iPhone right now — don't.

Not only will an iPhone 13 feel dated in a few weeks, but you'll likely be paying more than you need to. The announcement of a new iPhone inevitably means a price slash on the old ones. A month from now, the iPhone 13 should be significantly cheaper.

That also goes for the iPhone 13 mini. If you've been following the rumor mill, you'll know that Apple isn't expected to announce a "mini" version of the iPhone 14. Despite its small size, nostalgic feel and more affordable price, the iPhone 13 mini (and the previous iPhone 12 mini) didn't sell that well. And now Apple is expected to replace it with a "Max" (or big screen) version of the iPhone 14.

This means that the "mini" iPhone is about to become extinct. But Apple and third-party sellers are expected to continue selling the iPhone 13 mini after the iPhone 14 gets announced. And because it's going to be an older phone, Apple is expected to drop the price of the iPhone 13 mini, which still costs $699 (for the 128GB model) by $100 or more.

But there is one exception. The one model that isn't expected to get a discount this fall is the iPhone SE (Gen 2). Apple released it this past spring and because no iPhone 14 model is expected to antiquate it, Apple is expected to keep on selling at the same price. It starts at $429 and is Apple's most entry-level iPhone.

Even then, it's probably wiser to wait just a little bit longer before you pull the trigger, just to see what's coming around the bend.

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