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This Free iPhone App Lets You Record From Two Cameras At Once

DoubleTake is a new iOS app that allows you to capture videos from two of your iPhone’s cameras at the same time.


If you shoot a lot of iPhone videos, there’s a new way for you to do it. First mentioned onstage at the iPhone 11’s release event, DoubleTake and it allows you to capture video from two of your iPhone’s cameras at the same time. You can then stitch those two videos together to a single clip that shows both views side by side or cuts back and forth between the two angles.

In order to help to shoot the best possible videos, DoubleTake has a neat “camera picker view” where it shows you all the various cameras you can choose from –if you have an iPhone 11 Pro, for example, it lets you choose between two of the three cameras (telephoto, wide, ultra-wide and even selfie) — and how they’ll look together.

Then, while shooting, DoubleTake gives you the ability to set (and lock) the focus and exposure of each camera. While recording, you just tap on the viewfinder to set an area of interest, then tap again to lock or unlock. And using its camera switcher tool, you can quickly switch between the two cameras and then adjust the focus and exposure of each.

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After recording, you can then decide how you want to edit the two videos together. You can have seamlessly cut back-and-forth while playing — which is the most cinematic option, in my opinion. Or you can have them playing in either a picture-in-picture (PiP) or split-screen mode.

As mentioned previously, DoubleTake is also compatible with the iPhone’s selfie camera. This means you can place the iPhone directly in the middle of two people and record both people, interview style, at the same time — which is pretty neat.

DoubleTake is free and available now. It requires an iPhone running iOS 13 and is only compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs and iPhone XR.

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